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Sakthi Technolodge has edge in the IT and IT-assisted education sector is the result of its strong Industry orientated training. In the recent years, SAKTHI TECHNOLODGE has become more perceptive to industry needs and created special programs and curriculum that plug many of these requirements. SAKTHI TECHNOLODGE training forays into markets such as IT-enabled services, IT-Assisted Education and its attempts to bridge the divide between the formal and non-formal education domains are a sign of its commitments in this direction.

Spelling quality, breeding trust

The fact that SAKTHI TECHNOLODGE has striven in the past 2 years to maintain the high quality of its courses, the content and its delivery, has made the company one of the most trusted names in IT education in India today. Students feel they can rely on SAKTHI TECHNOLODGE brand for a consistent, industry endorsed curriculum in IT education. From its end, SAKTHI TECHNOLODGE has ensured it pursued the highest quality standards for its processes and whether it is the ISO 9000, or the Crosby’s Complete Quality Management System, SAKTHI TECHNOLODGE has done it all.

Executive Summary

Most fresh engineering graduates fail to take advantage of good employment opportunities as they are unable to meet the skill and productivity level expected by industry.

 As per NASSCOM Study only 1 in 4 fresh engineers are employable.

 Another Joint survey by FICCI and the World Bank conducted in Nov 2009 states that 64% of surveyed employers are dissatisfied with engineering graduates’ skills

 Aspiring Minds study conducted in 2010 on a sample size of 40,000 engineering students reveals that out of the sample only 4% are employable in IT Product cos., 10% in KPO Firms, 18% in IT Services cos., 26% in Tech support jobs while 38% suit BPO jobs criterion.

The key highlights

 Programs designed for creating professionals with First Hour productivity

 Programs delivered inside the campus

 Program design mapped to college calendar

 Teaching by subject matter experts

 Placement partnerships with industry majors

Curriculum with skill Evaluation for employability enhancement

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A mega Job Fair “JOBS 2013“ on 21st September 2013 at Hindu College Chennai, and given opportunity for 800 candidate to meet 18 companies HR under one roof hiring talents.

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