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The answer to your travel pillow nightmare is finally here. No more drooling on the shoulder of a stranger! Woot.

I have been trying everything for years to avoid a sore neck on long haul flights, those beanie bags, the blow up pillows but inevitably I end up with a sore neck or drooling on myself, plus I have to lug the thing around!

The trtl’s unique design allows for easy packing (not entirely flat but about half the size of the beanie ones).



Where can you get it?


How does it work?

The trtl travel pillow has plastic inserts that work on what they call the ISS (Internal Support System) which is a flexible plastic that moves with your body. It has a thin foam layer inside which helps support your jaw when sleeping. You wrap the trtl around your neck and secure with the velcro section to get it to your preferred strength.

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