Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Founded by two college friends in 2012

(T&N) is still a baby in the field of mattress making. Headed by Daehee Park and JT Marino, T&N is located at Pheonix, AZ, their mattresses are all designed and crafted in the U.S.A. Although it is new in the market Tuft & Needle have garnered good reviews from different websites. Now let’s look into the mattress closely.

The Mattress

The top is covered with is rayon and polyester. It is basically pure white with simple design on it. The mattress has 2 layers of foam on top is a 2.9 pound per cubic foot polyfoam while the bottom is 7.0″ base support foam. The layering creates the perfect support and provides overall comfort. When delivered to you it is boxed, compressed and vacuum sealed but expands when opened.

Value for your Money

Tuft & Needle focus on only one model. That is why all their efforts are released in a product that effectively gives out what a common sleeper need. Price starts at $350-$750depending on size.

Their mattress is made of gel and graphite to diffuse heat therefore heating up while sleeping isn’t an issue. It has a high firmness level that keeps you away from sinking and it won’t get you stuck unlike traditional memory foam mattress.

Based on owner’s review about 30% of T&N owners praise the mattress for its value however some unsatisfied customers want a softer bed.

Therefore the value is somewhat destabilized by the fact that 15% of owners who are not satisfied need to buy a topper. But the good side is according to customers report you may call the company and they’ll refund the money you spend on a topper. That’s a plus point on their customer service effort to make consumers happy.

Warranty and Return Policy

Another good thing about the company is that when you purchase a mattress form tuftandneedle.com they’ll provide you with a 100-day, no-fee, and 100%-money-back trial. Above all you don’t have to worry about the process, a courier will take the mattress from your home and it will then be donated to a local charity.

Since the mattress is available at Amazon.com when you buy from them they have a 30-day trial and the mattress must be returned to Amazon. The company gives out a non-prorated 10 years warranty which is similar to other that has the same price.

If you’ve had a warranty issue they’ll be happy to help, all you have to do is send them an email at .

Wrapping it up

Tuft & Needle started in 2012 barely 4 years I may say that their product is not time tested until they reach their 10th year. Giving them 10 years would prove that their mattress would last that long as they claim to give unparalleled comfort and support.

Having an “A” BBB rating is definitely a good start for a newbie. I hope that they could maintain it and reach the A+. As a final verdict if you’re looking for an affordable mattress you can go for T&N since it is cheaper than the average mattress in the market.

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