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How to make money writing online       «    »Twitter WidgetsOk- dilemma,I wanted a twitter widget in my sidebar but I wanted it to complement the theme of the site. I didn’t want to use the standard wordpress RSS sidebar widget (which would only show the tweets,without any embellishment)In my re,I found… I’m not too impressed with Widgetbox. I made a few free widgets when their site first started,when it was free. Their interface is beautiful and easy to use,you can create really good looking widgets. If I weren’t bitter about how they went about suddenly charging people,I might still use them.So they started out free,and if you didn’t upgrade your account when that became an option,they placed google ads in your widget. I don’t know if that helped them make up the fees for freeloaders like me who used the service and didn’t upgrade. But I could have lost my adsense account if I hadn’t caught it. You’re only allowed to have 3 appearances of adsense per page. When I discovered this,I had like 20 beautiful widgetbox widgets along one of my sidebars. They were beautiful. Now they’re trash. I had to remove them all and find a different solution.I’m sure they could have gone about it differently,sponsored ads maybe? Perhaps when I’m done freeloading widgets from everywhere else,I’ll try them again. The price really isn’t all that much,it’s less than $30 a year and your site’s readers can also paste your widget on their site,so you can really increase your incoming link that way and build traffic. So it’s a good service,I just wasn’t prepared to upgrade at the time and got really annoyed with them.This one I was most excited about. I was able to upload my own image to use as a background,then define the field where text would be placed. That’s about it. I’m not too happy with the results,really. The tweetfield is red and there’s nothing I can do to change it. I was hoping to be able to create my own tweet field,to match the shape and color of the cake. What do you think? I couldn’t even resize the image behind it. I was hoping for a font that could look like cursive writing,too. Just the digital-type you see here I think it’s ugly. If I can find a teeny red cake maybe it will work. Otherwise,I’m moving on. In their defense,it’s supposed to be a word bubble. Also,I could have added other users. So if my husband and I were on twitter,I could have placed a picture of us and given us each RED word bubbles. It’s a cute idea.TwitTip.comHad a blog post about ,badges,widgets and counters to use. For a new twitter account,I’m not too crazy about displaying zero followers. Something about that doesn’t inspire confidence in my readers,I’m sure. So a counter isn’t an option right now. I might have to go with a plain old button. Or a fancy cool button. Maybe I can put the twitter bird on a cake? As far as the widgets go in that Twittip post,that’s where I found the ugly red box thing.TwitStamp gave me a lot of options,seeAnd there were more than that to choose from,too. It was amazing. Not very customizable,but a lot of options,still. I am sure most users could find something they liked,especially in the “medium”size.TwitGifHonest,i didn’t plan top copy all the ones suggested by TwiTip,but Darren said the instructions were in Japanese and I had to give it a try. It’s not really smart because the Japanese text (in addition to having an inappropriate apostrophe labeling the “tip’s”section) could be saying something like “placing this on your page entitles us to use all your everything for free forever,so neener neener neener.”Still,I did it. here’s what I gotThe options for resizing and customizing were easy to understand,picture clues made it intuitive. Who needs English,right?In the end,I gave up. Now that I have all the resources here,I’ll attempt it again another day. Until then,I’ll just use the wordpress widget. Unless I come across a cute plugin. Also,I’m looking for a little red cake. I think I might bake one today. Does anyone know how to duplicate hexadecimal codes in fondant?From time to time you’ll hear me mention a group I’m in that works with Kindle book publishers. The name of the group is Apex Authors. I’ve found it to be super informative and helpful. It’s not free. I recommend you try things on your own a bit and pinpoint your trouble spots (or discover that you’re a natural) before investing in a program. Otherwise you’ll get suckered into every program there is and spend more than you’re making. January 9th,2010 | Category:,,



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