UC28 multimedia portable projector

A new Begining

Wow! This is going to be the first post I am making this year 2015. Today is a special day because am making my first official post on and today is the exact day, several years ago that I stepped onto this earth. Let me briefly explaining to you guys what has been happening to before I get onto todays post.

Where were we?

was going through some major updates on literally everything so that it can ensure it better serves you. Some of the updates that you can obviously tell if you are reading this article is that the website has changed, to be better and more appealing. We also changed the way our videos are by improving the equipment we used for capturing both screen recordings and other videos. We will now be posting hands on review on some of the products that we can get our hands on (well they wouldn’t be hands on if we did not have the products in our hands). On the logistics side, we decided that we should keep you guys expectant waiting to get Technologized every week, hence we shall be posting articles on Tuesdays and Fridays. We shall also try our level best to post videos once a week on Friday. So in a nutshell those are some of the changes that were done, however you need to dive into and take a front row seat by visiting the website more often to experience more of the changes that were done as per some of your requests.


Its Dean’s Birthday

Now back to the topic of today, but let me just talk about my birthday for a sentence or two. So today, March 6th is my birthday and unlike any other birthday I was mostly confined at home due to some leg injuries. However it was quite interesting as I was surrounded by technology and also because it marks the day ‘s amazing changes come to life with my first post this year 2015.

Back to the UC28 Multimedia Projector

Okay now we shall talk about the Entertainment Projector. Technology keeps changing and evolving each day. The introduction of projectors led to the introduction of cinemas and has enhanced how information can be shared from a small device to a large screen.

The projector we have today is called the UC 28 multimedia projector. This projector measures 5 by 4.78 by 2.3 inches in size making it an ideal size, and hence it can comfortably fit in your everyday carry bag. It can be placed approximately 1-4 meters away from where it is projector and still show quality images. With its image size of 20-100 inches, it has a wide view and can be viewed by many people easily. It has a resolution of 320 by 240 which is not too bad considering it size and its cost.

The projector has some remarkable features.

Now that you have a brief description of the projector the question in your mind is, how does the projector perform? It boasts of several features but how exactly does it perform. I made a video showing you guys the

and how the projector displays media. Why don’t you check it out below

In brief this is a multimedia projector, hence it was not made to show clearly other things other than multimedia, as you will see that in the video. However for images and videos the quality is quite good for such a projector.

As I said the price for this item is quite affordable and they range anywhere from 50 dollars up to and above 300 dollars

One can easily buy the projector from amazon, such as this one going for 145 pounds (about 220 dollars or 20,000 ksh). You can buy it from amazon, just click the image below.

We have reviewed the UC28 multimedia projector and you can see for a few dollars or pounds you can get yourself a nice affordable multimedia projector. Thoughts, comments, complaints or even just a greeting are welcome below!

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