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A Quebec-based insurance company, UL Mutual Life services the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. UL Mutual has a variety of investment products available to these markets, and also offers life insurance.



Integral-Equitable Permanent Life

UL’s Integral-Equitable Permanent Life Insurance plan allows a policyholder to cease premium payments while retaining coverage. This plan also allows the option for a policyholder to merge the policy with another life insurance plan from the company.

Adaptable-Equitable Permanent Life

A permanent life insurance policy that generates a higher cash value than many competitors’, UL’s Adaptable-Equitable policy allows an insured person a variety of premium payment options, including a 20-year payment plan, or the ability to pay up until a certain age.

Ulysses 2000 Universal Life

UL’s Ulysses 2000 Universal Life Plan allows policyholders to choose how they want to invest their savings. This plan allows a policyholder to utilize savings invested to reduce premium payments, or to bolster one’s coverage.

T-10 and T-20 Superior Term

A term life insurance plan offered by UL Mutual, these policies have 10-or 20-year terms, as decided on by the policyholder. Depending on the health of the applicant, there are several rates of premium payments available.



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