Understand the way adsense works: |

Understand the way adsense works:

In a very simple way, I will explain how google adsense works: Lets say someone wants to advertise his car rental service. This advertiser g…



In a very simple way, I will explain how google adsense works:Lets say someone wants to advertise his car rental service. This advertiser goes to googles adword site, and after a short process, he publishes his ad. During this process, the advertiser excepts to pay a certain amount of money, for a certain amount of *page impressions, or a *certain amount of advertisement clicks.Lets say an advertiser is paying google 10$ for every 1000 page impressions.Now, you have a web site, and you would like to earn some easy money.So you go to the google adsense homepage, and create an account.once you’ve created your account, all you have to do is decide which formats of ads you would like to put on your website.Ok, after you have set up your account and after you put the ads on your site, you start earning money.You remember that advertiser who is advertising his car rental service? well, since your site is about Cars & Motors, google will decide to apply the advertisers “car rental service” in your ads. Why? Maybe because the person who is surfing your site would like to rent one of the cars you have mentioned on you site. Who knows.I just don’t get it. How on earth do I benefit from this?! All I want is to make some quick and easy money!Ok Ok, I’ll get to that right now.- The advertiser pays google, for placing his ads in appropriate web sites.- Google pays you, for allowing them to post ads on your site.The amount of money you earn:remember that their are two ways the advertiser pays google? Or via page impressions, or via advertisement click.Google does not tell the exact amount of money you earn from each page impression, or from each advertisement click. However a click in worth more than an impression. And again.. Why? Because its not a big deal if someone enters your site. But entering a site, then spotting an ad, and then clicking on it- takes more of an effort than just entering your page.I hope this was easy enough to understand.*Page impression- Every time someone enters your site.*advertisement click- Every time someone clicks on an advert on your site.For more information such as:- How to make more money threw your ads.- How to increase the amount of people who enter your site.- and much more,please continue to visit this Blog.Amigo.


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