(Updated: 2-3-2011) Hilarious Call of Duty Parody:

“Duty Calls” Now Available for Download


” February 3, 2011

Epic, the makers of the upcoming game Bulletstorm, today released a free downloadable PC game that manages to both poke fun at the “everyshooter” and imply that their game is the exact opposite.  In other words, Bulletstorm is not “a game that goes into slo-mo for no reason” nor a game where the sounds of gunshots may as well be replaced with “boring” for all they add to the experience.

To check out the hilarious parody for yourself, head over to

and dowload the free game.  At 700 MB, @t is a hefty download; however, it is worth the lengthy install.  If you’d rather watch a playthrough than download it yourself, see the video below for my playthrough of the game and my attainment of the ultimate rank!

On another note, I apologize for some of the typos earlier; however, I was on my mobile phone and touch screens hate me :p

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