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Moving to the USA, the land of opportunity will be an incredible adventure, however, it’s not always easy to get your head around how to set up everyday needs. We have covered the process in a step by step checklist to ease the process for you.

Each point has a full blog for further detail so hit the link for more detail on each point. Let’s get you started.

Before you move

– to live and work in the USA you will need a valid working visa – take a look at our visa section here for more information on which visa would be best for you.

Insurance – make sure you have coverage

When you arrive

– there are many places that offer phone cards in the US. If you know you are going to be here for a while but you cannot be granted with US credit (because you haven’t built a credit score yet) go to a company such as AT&T which offer the service to carry over a prepaid number to an account later on.

and accommodation– this does not need to be your home address, it can be a hotel or a temporary place you are staying. You will need it for your entry card when you arrive in the U.S.

– you will need one of these to get paid by your employer in the USA

(you will need utility bills as proof of address for a lot of things so the sooner the better)


After the first six months

When you have settled in there will be a few extra things that you need to take into consideration.

Making friends in a new city

Other essentials

Take a look at transferring money with .

Have you been looking for Tim Tams in USA? The Aussie cookie has made a splash and they are rolling out across the country.

Where can you get them?

Never tried a Tim Tam?

Take two rectangular chocolate cookies. Now add a layer of creamy mousse filling (think Oreo but thicker), stick them together and add a layer of chocolate over the top.

Do as the Aussies do and make a ‘Tim Tam straw’. Bite off the diagonal corners then suck your coffee, tea or hot chocolate through it until the chocolate starts to melt then put the whole thing in your mouth. It is amazing.

Fun things about Tim Tams

Aussies eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams every year and the Sydney factory makes three thousand of them every minute.

Tim Tams were released in 1964 and hilariously, they were named after the horse who won the Kentucky Derby in 1958.

Tim Tams released a Tia Maria version but for them to have any kind of alcoholic effect you would need to eat a few thousand.

They have now been released in the US under the Pepperidge Farm which is why you can find them scattered around the US.

Cate Blanchette got her big TV break on a Tim Tam commercial!

If you like this, go one step further and try vegemite the Aussie way.

Credit: Photo credit @hoonigarden

US emergency services you should put into your phone

911 – Emergency (fire, police, and ambulance) call from any free or pay phone or anyone’s cell phone by hitting emergency.

Useful numbers

411  – telephone directory assistant free  to answer most questions

Credits: Feature photo – Osman Rana –

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