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Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, also called LSI keywords, are one of the basic tools for increasing traffic to blog content. Today we will show you how to generate and use them. By following the guide we are giving below, you will increase ranking of your content and increase traffic to your content.

First off, one of the most common misconceptions about search engine rankings is that the importance of keyword density formula has been overstated. While in fact, it is the use of LSI keywords which is the most important requirement for ranking higher in search engines. You must understand that even though LSI keywords and keyword density are closely related terms, they are two entirely different things. You can then use this knowledge to get upto 85% of your monthly traffic just from search engines.

According to experts there can be no Search engine Optimization without LSI keywords and therefore it is one of the basic items required to get a higher ranking on search engines.

Even though LSI keywords hold a pivotal position in the SEO makeup there are no tools out there which allow an SEO expert to research which LSI keywords are the best matches for his target keywords.

However, there is a way around this fundamental problem. You can simply use google search to find the best possible matches. If you use Google search you will be familiar with the fact that Google also generates a list of words related to the keyword you entered.

As you can see from the screenshot we captured , the google search for “buy-books-online” will generate a list of related keywords which is then presented in BOLD font within the search results. You should note the fact that google does not create this in the “searches related section” rather it is generated in the main search area, just written in bold font to differentiate it. So, you can now see that using google search is a very easy and convenient way to find which LSI keywords are closely related to your target keywords.Also check:Secret Trick to Find Top Niches Keywords for ClickbankThe magical keyword “iPhone”6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Any NicheSecret Trick To Rank Your Article on Multiple Keywords9 Ways to Increase Adsense CPC With Simple Tweaks

Even Though Google search works fine for small projects , we would like to share with you some purpose built software which have been designed for the sole purpose of locating LSI keywords. These softwares are all freeware, i.e they are available online free of charge and anyone can download them quite easily.LSI Graph ” The free online LSI keyword generator:

One of the best free tools for generating LSI keywords is the LSI Graph. It has a minimalistic format allowing everyone easy access to its features so that even SEO novices can use the tool without any hassle or overly complex operational manuals. All that one has to do is input the the target Keyword and the software will generate a list of LSI keywords using its inbuilt algorithm. You can see from the LSI graph GUI screenshot below that it is the simplest LSI generating tool out there. As this is one of the best tools for LSI keyword generation we recommend that you bookmark it for future use.

Now, that we have shown you how to generate LSI Keywords using two very simple techniques, we move on to how you can incorporate these words into your blog content.
First you require the keyword that you will be targeting through your content. Now you can either use the Keyword planner tool created by Google, which is a bit complex or you can use SEMRUSH. SEO novices should try to start with SEMRUSH for it is very easy to use.
Now we move onto the content you are going to create. While writing you should write in a natural way and allow the words to flow. Your focus should be on getting your message across and making sure that your writing is up to par.
Having written the blog you should optimize it by using the SEO checklist provided to you. However you should be careful not to overdo the optimization as it will have a detrimental effect instead of a positive one. If you think that you may be going overboard with the optimization just use an SEO plugin like SEO Pressor and you will be able to recheck your work. Although you can also do optimization naturally.
Having optimized your post it is time to add the LSI keywords, which you can generate using one of the two techniques we described earlier. The best way to add them to the article is to incorporate only the words which go with the natural flow of the article. If your content is looking synthetic, try removing some of the words or replacing them. You can even create some extra paragraphs to accommodate the keywords.
The images which you are using should also be optimized so use the Primary Keyword as an alt tag of one of your images and LSI keywords for other images.

So, there you have it, our basic guide for optimizing your web content through LSI keywords. Use it yourself and do share it on your social media for your friends.

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