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This game got ported recently from the Samsung Bada app store, where with over 160,000 downloads it received a tremendous response and great reviews, and was featured as “Game of the Year 2011”.

The quirky narrative tells the story of José, an adorable Latin-American antihero who finds himself trapped in a peculiar puzzle game, while going against all odds to find his bottle of tequila.

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Unlike traditional sliding-block puzzles (such as Unblock-Me or Rush Hour where you can move each block in only 2 directions), Find a Way José adds a sophisticated twist by allowing irregular Tetris-like blocks be manipulated in all 4 directions, resulting in a much more rewarding gameplay.

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The canvas is bigger (a 9 x 5 grid), and each level, with it’s own unique shape, becomes a true mind-bender for all lovers of the genre to enjoy.

The protagonist José comes to life and adds a fair amount of chilli and salsa with his cheering, singing and sometimes even crying – all depends on how well you are doing throughout each puzzle. A slick interface and rich graphics were masterfully designed for iPhone Retina and iPad displays, and a cheerful music will accompany you while you try to outwit this puzzler. The game supports GameCenter leaderboards, Facebook and Twitter progress sharing, and even includes a built-in Level Builder that lets gamers take the roll of puzzle-makers by crafting their own levels. The free version offers 15 puzzles and 2 worlds to try, while pro offers 70 puzzles and 6 worlds and costs 0.99$ for iPhones and 1.99$ for iPads.

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