Is it legal to download mp3 from

Is it legal to download mp3 from

Maria from Brockten Villey, New Jersey asks:

Question – I come across the website and since then I am using it to download the mp3 songs from the youtube videos posted. This looks like a perfectly good tool. However, my basic question is – is it legal to convert and download mp3 from the ? Any answer will be appreciated.

Answer – Hi Maria, Thank you for contacting for your question. The is indeed a nice tool to extract the mp3 songs from the youtube videos. If your question is about the legality of the – I see no harm in it. It is like taking a screen shot of a movie and using it to create a picture.

Same thing is for extraction of the mp3. The problem arises when you start “using” the mp3 songs for commercial or other purpose.

Basically there are two classes of the youtube videos and songs – those that are copyrighted and those that are not. If a youtube is copyrighted, you may not use the downloaded mp3 to listen and or distribute over the net. It is a violation of the copyright of the original content creator. There are some youtubes that do not impose any copyright. This include some of the very old videos where copyright has expired. There are also some videos where the content creator explicitly gives you right to use it for free.

On a more practical tone, you may like to buy some of the $1 songs that you like and keep yourself away from the potential hassles of the copyright implications. This way you are also showing respect to the songs that you love – don’t you ?

Adding on the practical tone – you may probably be ok if you download an mp3 song to listen it couple of time to see if you like it. If you really like it,  and wish to listen it over and again, you my like to show your respect to the music by buying a copy.

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