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US visa guide – a quick introduction to the complex process. Here is a very quick guide to options and the best links to help you with the application process.

Here’s an easy chart to help you get your head around which category of visa is best for you.

Immigration is a separate conversation and not necessarily one that you will need if you intend to be an expat but life happens, you fall in love, you have an amazing job or you simply love the country and way of life.

For a further information for the US visa guide, there is a comprehensive breakdown on the  where you will find information about how to apply.

One of the important things to note is that many of the visa processes have been set up so that you do not need a lawyer to apply still there are many options to consider if you would like your particular situation looked over by professionals. Do make sure that you ask a specific immigration lawyer as there are always a few sharks in paradise.

Applying for a visa can be a longer process so give yourself at least a few months, three if you have it or two at the very least. It does take a while for all of the paperwork to go through and be approved, particularly if your visa is connected with an employer as there are several parties involved.

As always, read the application instructions very carefully, double check all of your paperwork when you got for your interviews and be prepared. It saves everyone a lot of time.

Remember, this is an overview of the US visa guide and it is important to do further re.

The first step when applying for your visa is to make sure that you have all the correct paperwork that you will need for the visa. This can be found at the official .

Here you can use the visa wizard to help you work out which visa you can apply for.

There are a lot of additional websites that are helpful but make sure that you only pay for what is necessary through the Us .gov website. There are some fake websites around that ask you to apply with them and will charge you for it.

Visa Coach  – an amazing source with very detailed information

If you are an Australian take a look if you qualify for the E3 .

Great, What’s next?

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