Voila Mattress Review

“It’s all about the coils” this is one of

slogan. Viola is a sleep company that offers mattresses designed to provide its consumers a good night sleep. Like every mattress maker they claim to have the best product in the industry. But do they have the distinct mattress that will suit your unique sleeping habits. You’ll find it out in the review below.

The Mattress

Voila offers three (3) firmness levels that you can choose from. These are soft, medium and firm.

Soft: If you love the softness of your pillow and wants to feel the clouds every time you sleep, the Soft is for you. It is a 12″Soft mattress with 768-count five zone pocket coils; made from high-density, latex, and memory foams that will hug your curves.

Medium: This is an 11″ mattress with 768-count five zone pocket coils, high-density, latex, and memory foams. It gives an excellent support with moderate softness.

Firm: This is a 10″ Firm mattress that gives a solid comfort; made with 768-count five zone pocket coils, high-density, latex, and memory foams. It’s a solid choice for securing your good night sleep.

Pick your mattress from these three options and feel the comfort care of a Voila mattress. Your mattress will arrive compressed and rolled in a box it will open up as soon as you remove it from the packaging! Just give it around 2-4 hours to return to its full shape.

The price

A soft twin size Voila mattress will cost you $749; a medium twin size is priced at $609 while a firm twin can be yours at $499. Prices vary depending on the firmness level and size of the mattress. You can settle on what you feel is best for you. While shipping is free you will be charged if you are exchanging a mattress or if you refuse the delivery of a mattress.

Warranty and return policy

Voila offers a 10 year limited warranty. Please note that the warranty covers defects in manufacturing and does not apply to any defects caused by misuse, improper assembly, negligence, accidental damage or regular wear. You may call, email, or write their customer service if you have any question regarding warranty.

Voila offers a 100 day comfort guarantee. If in case you are not happy with the matters within the 100 day period we will remove it from your home for free and the purchase price will be refunded. The only requirement is to give it a try for 30 days.

You can also exchange your Voila Mattress for another model or size one time within the 100 Day Comfort Guarantee period. However you will be responsible for any difference in price plus the cost of the freight of the new mattress.

The Summary

Voila mattress has all the basic material that a great should have. It has on it latex, memory foam and spring. It provides all the benefits that the three material produce. Comfort, cooling, bounce and responsiveness all of these are present.

Voila will definitely give you comfortable sleep. It is modernly designed and offer firmness options for all sleepers.

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