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How to make money writing online OK,so my 2 years of job experience has taught me a few things,most prominently that I’m not cut out to be the mom that works 50+ hours outside the house with little chance of building real wealth or independence.About a month ago,I set off on a vacation with my kids. I […]September 30th,2016 | Category:,,,, |

OK,so in the past my solution to working from home in spite of the fact that I have children was to lock myself in the bedroom and beg,bribe or otherwise encourage (mostly begging) them to leave me alone until this one task is complete. There’s never been a soundproof room in any of […]February 21st,2014 | Category:,, |

Is it ethical to use my own website to complain about people who might be readers? I say “Yes,as long as it’s constructive.”I also think I might have just quoted myself in real-time for the first time ever. Do people do that? I guess I do. So here’s the thing:Stop Wasting […]January 24th,2014 | Category:,,,,,, |

Remember that song? It’s been stuck in my head ever since I made the decision to come back to internet writing professionally. I started this site in 2008 and at that time,I was supporting my family of 8 with the revenue I made from write-for-cash sites,revenue sharing sites,content mills […]August 15th,2013 | Tags:, | Category:,,, |

A boycott of Amazon- she must be kidding,right? Relax- I wasn’t calling for a boycott,I was just asking you to never simply type Amazon.com into your browser,that’s all. Whether you’re spending $5 or $500- somewhere there’s a work-at-home mom who could conceivably make a few pennies from the sale. My Amazon.com earnings […]September 3rd,2010 | Tags: | Category:, |

The title of Speak and Grow Rich always made me think that there must be an easier way to make money selling words. With public speaking,you don’t even have to write them down,right?I think I’m pretty funny in my head while I’m washing dishes;thinking compelling thoughts in a mental narrative that […]August 17th,2010 | Tags:,, | Category:, |

I keep a page with this title on each one of my sites,saved as a draft or password protected. I use it as a general “things to do next”and a place to document the invisible work I’ve done on the site. It’s amazing that I can remember what each of my six kids […]August 16th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,, |

Elizabeth Halford,of Digital Photography School,did an excellent job of sharing some of the ways she makes money as a freelance photographer. She said people are often surprised to discover she’s working 40 hours a week,since she has her days free to spend however she wishes. Simply put,she works in the evening. […]August 8th,2010 | Tags:,,, | Category: |

How to Access Clipboard HistoryIt’s my own fault:I should be writing in a word processing program,instead of directly into the edit box at Suite101. In my defense,I was out of the habit for a while because their interface didn’t support the Chrome browser. So instead of using Internet Explorer or Firefox,[…]August 7th,2010 | Tags:, | Category:, |

On writer’s message boards,occasionally someone new will ask seasoned writers about our process. What steps do we go through in the writing process,to write fast web copy that (hopefully) doesn’t suck?The process that works for me is so different from what I’m being asked to do in school (did I mention I’m […]July 23rd,2010 | Category:,,,, |

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