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In wall Vs In Ceiling

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Which speaker type is better for a dedicated home theater?

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2010-03-31 12:12.

Personally I have used both in-wall and in-ceiling in different cases, and both can be made to work well. But in the end I believe its up to your personal preference as to what sounds best to you. Personally, I like the front speakers in the wall facing the main seating area with the center below the screen. You can also achieve a similar effect with directional ceiling speakers (the speaker mounts flush, but the woofer and tweeter within the casing are angled to point out into the room instead of straight down. As for the rear speakers I prefer the standard ceiling speakers mounted just behind the seating area. It creates more of an ambiance for the rear speakers which tend to only have effects sounds anyway, and to me it sounds more realistic. But in-wall for the rears can also work either in the side walls aligned with the seating, or in the back wall if its not too far back. Again I prefer the back wall because it give more of an ambiance than the side walls and works with any different seating arrangement. If you have rows of seats you will want to use the side wall and the back wall and if you have a large enough room, you can even repeat the side wall speakers for each couple rows.



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