Want to be Exclusive? Try Being Inclusive!

Kind of sounds like a riddle huh? If you want to be exclusive, then try being inclusive.  Too often I see young entrepreneurs who aspire to be like some certain ’successful & branded’ person or accepted into this certain circle of ‘friends’. Now don’t get me wrong, role models are important and all but what is it about that person that you idolize? Is it their lifestyle? Their fame? Their attention? Their money? All of the above? 🙂

Before many of those people were rich and famous and branded….they were what?

Exactly like you. Just a squirrel trying to get a nut. LOL, Remember that saying?…ok wrong generation.

Think about the people in your network…some people are cool- like incredibly kewl, some people are egotistical, some people are deadbeats (always borrowing something and never giving it back), some people are driven-overachievers and some people just keep to themselves.  When you get older that doesn’t change. When you get wealthier that doesn’t change. When you move away to another city that doesn’t change.

The only thing that changes is HOPEFULLY as you continue to get yourself out there and develop more experiences you will become more mature, wiser and more secure about who you are. In turn you will become more selective about those people who you choose to affiliate with. So basically what I’m saying, is if that is where you will ultimately be, why wait to get there? You can be there now. Yes, now, meaning, today, now at this very moment.

Who cares about that famous well-known person? If they appear to be exclusive, but are not inclusive they are destined to be old news sooner than later. When you see the repeated run ins with the law, the drinking problems, the foreclosed house, the inhumane things they keep repeatedly doing and saying for no good reason….yep, yep, you know the type. It means they lack substance. It’s because they were too busy trying to be special with all the special people but they had nothing of value to bring to the relationship…so they resorted to their old stupid and ignorant ways.

The public always wants something new and fresh to be intrigued by. They want you. They want to see you come from simple and humble beginnings and work your way up to the top. They want to see you succeed and fail. They want you to keep going and pressing forward because ultimately they want you to win. And why do they want this? Because it means that you are an underdog who made it…so in fact, you are just like them. And if you made it, then so can they….and that my friend is the premise behind hope ;-) You give others hope that it can happen for them.


So how can you be inclusive and remain hopeful

1. Align with people who share similar values as yours. It doesn’t matter if they are older or younger than you, richer or poorer than you, an entrepreneur or an employee, a long time friend or a person you met in passing, a person in the same industry as yours or a completely different one. If you are all going the same way why not share the driving?

2. Closely surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE people. These are people who believe in you and openly offer advice and support without asking anything in return. And they check on you from time to time to make sure you are doing ok. And you do the same in return for them. People often told me growing up to surround myself with successful people. Well let me tell you what happened when I did that- those who were willing to help me didn’t have the time and those who had the time weren’t really willing to help.   In my mind those two groups of people were who I thought were the successful people. They have money or seem accomplished and if you don’t have money or seem accomplished…well don’t call me I call you…am I right? Or am I right?

I understand the importance of having follow through and all, but if I call you 3 times and send you email and you don’t contact me back because you are too busy or that important then you need to hire a assistant..  Major peeve for me… So important and busy people- this is what you do— I call you and I email you, and if you have a major important person or you just get an incredible amount of ridiculous responses then make a form and diplomatically say something like we review all of our messages and if we see a potential fit someone from our staff will call you back. Work with folks…on the two way tip…that’s all I’m saying.

3. Be compassionate and encourage others. You know sometimes things take time to gel and come together. Maybe the person you just connected with is starting out or maybe you are not at the point you are trying to be. Even if you are not going to work together today or if you don’t see any immediate similarities…you never know what might happen down the road.

Little affirmations and heartfelt words/thoughts and just generally being understanding can carry people a long way. You are an entrepreneur. You know few people can relate to you. So if you meet another person out there trying to get their business off the ground tell them, I know what you mean, try to keep pushing forward, keep trying different ways, keep networking. In the end no one person made it to the top on their own. Everybody needs somebody.

Aly Chiman

Aly Chiman is a Blogger & Reporter at AlyChiTech.com which covers a wide variety of topics from local news from digital world fashion and beauty . AlyChiTech covers the top notch content from the around the world covering a wide variety of topics. Aly is currently studying BS Mass Communication at University.

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