What are Zip files and How to use a zip file Winrar

What are Zip files and How to use a zip file WinrarYou ask, what are Zipped files?? How to use a zip file? You have come to the best place to find your answer. If you have ever wondered how to use Zipped files, how to extract Zipped files, or how to create Zipped files then keep reading. A video is also available to help you get the best out of Zip files. If that is not enough an application that will give you total control of your Zipped files is available free of charge.

Zipped files are used to refer to the files with the extensions .zip or .rar. The file extension .zip or .rar are an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. This is to say that it supports combining and compressing a multiple number of files into one. It not only enables you to combine multiple files but also compress them, thereby saving you some disk space.

Why use zipped files? Zipped files are used mostly to enable easy sharing of content. With the famous email clients that we use such as yahoo, gmail and Hotmail, this files normally have a limit on the maximum number of files one can attach and also go to the extent of having a maximum size limit. With zipped files, one can easily combine several files onto one. Combining several files onto one will enable you bypass the maximum number of files you can attach.

One can also split a large file into several small files. If you love downloading am sure you have come across sites that have several zipped files for just one file. They do this mostly for very large files. This enables them to easily split one large files into several smaller files, which can then be downloaded and combined to have the one complete file. This is a good way to save files, cause you can imagine downloading a file that is 4 GB. If the internet connection is lost, your download stops. Splitting the 4 GB file into smaller file size of probably 400 mb will enable you download the file slowly until you finish downloading the complete file.

How to zip a file: Creating zipped files is very easy to use provided you have the right software. To answer your next question “Which software do I use?” The best software out there that I would recommend using is WinRAR. With these software one can be able to do all that entails zipping files. This application is very easy to use, straight forward and does its magic fast. With this software you can easily create, extract, split a large file or add files to an already created zipped file. It’s a software that you must have to create and extract zipped files.


Using the app is quite easy. In order to zip the files you just need to select the files they want, right click and select archive. In order to extract the files, it’s just like doing the opposite; you just have to right click on the file and select extract. However when it comes to extracting the best option is right clicking on the file and selecting extract “file name”. File name represents the name of the zipped files. Extracting this way will enable you to extract your files in a folder instead of your files being thrown all over the folder containing the zipped files.

Now am sure you are fully equipped to tackle those zipped files head on. Using Zipped files is quite easy to use.

I have provided a video as shown below that will guide you on using and creating zipped files, and also being able to separate one file into several zipped files. I strongly urge you to view the video, as nothing explains better than a step by step live video tutorial. The video features live, as I create and modify zipped files. Enjoy.

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Watch complete guide on using WinRAR.



Winrar 5.0.0 (x64, X86) (3.7 MiB, 138 downloads)

If you are unable to open the winrar application download the single set-up below then after installing it you can then open the one you just downloaded above.

(1.7 MiB)

Once you Download your Winrar Software come back to watch how to install your Software by watching this video

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