What is the MELT Method?

06What is the MELT Method?



M.E.L.T. Method® () is a self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living.

simulates the hands-on techniques that manual therapist Sue Hitzmann uses to eliminate stress, pain, and dysfunction in her private clients. This unique Hands-off Bodywork™ approach is the first treatment that simulates the techniques – and the results – of manual therapy. Benefits from ing range from better digestion and sleep patterns to better sport performance and elimination of chronic pain.

Techniques rebalance and strengthen the neuromuscular core system to keep your belly flat, back strong, and body functioning well. Often times, students think they are using their core during pilates classes, but often times they are really compensating with other muscles. ing along with pilates will help to stabilize your core, align your spine, decompress your neck and low back, stabilize the pelvis, and give your organs integrity for proper digestion.

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