What to expect from Apple WWDC 2016


Apple’s annualWorldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will starts from tomorrow in San Franciscowiththe qualitymassiveconference.Howeverdo notexpect any new hardware in Apple WWDC 2016. Apple alreadydischargeda smaller iPhone and iPadproin March,and also thenew iPhone7and Apple Watchwill nothittill Septemberat the earliest probablywith new redesigned MacBook laptops.

Instead, Apple WWDC 2016 is allregardingtheit’s softwarethat powers those devices. Newoptionscoming backto iOS, OS X for Macs,similarlybecause theunderlyingin operationsystems for Apple Watch and Apple TV,and also theone factorthat maytie everything together is Siri.

1. Siri

If itappears likeApplemustplay catchup oncomputing,that isas a result ofitwill.This can bethe Year ofSmart Voice-Activated Assistants, and Cupertino’s rivalssquare measuregoing all-in: Google, Facebook and Microsoft centeredsquarely on botsand every onethroughouttheir developer’s conferences earlier this year,whilst Amazon’s Echois that thechildfor voice-activated assistants and smart-home automation.

Expect Apple toimitatewith Siriduring amajor revamp of the assistant’s services. Applecandoubtlesscreatea significantpushto point outa lot ofSiri hasmature, orcanstillgrow, across all devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch…even areportedlatedebut.

2. iOS 10: iPhones, iPads

There isn’tlotsof untamedspeculatinground thelatest version of iOS. Besides Siri, most enhancementsreportablepurpose point to iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Pay. A long-overdue revamp of Apple Music’sstyleand functionslooksto bewithin theworks.an equivalentcan betrue for the App Store and Photos, thatsquare measureeachinwantofusefulenhancements. iCloud securitycandoubtlessbeaddressed, too. Theremayand maybeadditional, tablet-onlyotherfunctions for the iPads,particularlyiPadprofessional.

3. OS X: Macs

Nota large amounton the far sideSiri. TouchID has beenreportedfor Macs for years, andwhereasnew MacBooks later this yearmayfind yourselfwith touchID, ApplemayinsteadcreateiPhones work astouchID enablers for Macs. Also, expecta reputationmodification. OS X isanobsoletename for thesoftware package, and Applecan doubtlessshift toMacOS.

4. Watch OS: Apple Watch

The Apple Watch hasn’t seen any formal Version2hardwarehoweveroncea year anda couple ofmonths on the market, and a sequelmost likelywill notarrivetillthe autumn.howevera replacementversion of Watch OS ought tobe previewedthroughoutthe keynote,very similar tolast year’s WWDC. Watch OS third-party apps currentlyhave to be compelled toperformas native on-watch apps,howeverensuingversion of Watch OSmay seeanyrevamps instyleand speed.

5. TV OS

Maybe thesmarthouse isthrough Apple’svery littleblack machine. Rumors indicated that the new Apple TV would be a HomeKit hub last year,and perhapscurrentlyit is timeforanunveiling ofadditional of thesefunctions. The Apple TVought tofinally get a deeperassortmentof functions that connect with iCloud and HomeKit. With HomeKit still lacking some partners and anystyle ofhub, Apple TVmight bea centerpiece.


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