What Was That? Nighttime Stories – A Blind Fish

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This is a part of the What Was That? series. A variety of stories showing parts of my reality living with vision loss.

In the last 3-4 months I have found myself reading to one of my kids for nighttime and they will point at a section on the page asking, “What does this say?”

“Great question…is there words there?” I ask puzzled.


Then I respond with, “Well, you see how those dark letters are on the blue background? That makes it hard for daddy to see the words.”

I continue by pointing at the black on white words and saying, “Let’s see what these words over here say”

These conversations make me sad as my child is pointing out things that I don’t see right before me. Thankfully they are gracious and allow me to continue reading.

To be honest there are some nights when I pick out the book to read so that I know the words will be either big enough for me to read or the ones that I know don’t have dark lettering on dark backgrounds.

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