What Was That? The Piano – A Blind Fish

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This is a part of the What Was That? series. A variety of stories showing parts of my reality living with vision loss.

The other day on my way to work I was reflecting on one dark morning I was just 2 minutes away from my office. It was during my season of walking in the dark without a cane which I do not recommend to anyone.

I was on the campus of my work and almost to my office. I just had to walk along an outside hallway and across a small patio in the dark. I could see the patio area at the end of the hallway where I was going. So, I proceeded to walk at my normal pace which some consider to be quick even when “I can’t see”, which I thought was fine cause after-all, I was just walking down a hallway, until I slammed into something large and hard. It was a piano. An upright piano sitting outside of a room.

A normal eye even in the dark probably would have seen a dark shadowed piano in the hallway. Not me. Unfortunately that time I lost the battle, my right knee and right wrist/hand hurt for a couple of days after.

I continue to learn that I can’t assume typical places are safe. Just because it is a hallway does not mean that it is clear of objects. Someone else might be using it for storage, though I would not recommend that

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