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Just as I was leaving work I got a call from my lovely bride. We talked as I walked to . She needed me to pick up a couple things at the store on my way. It was perfect as I was planning on swinging by to grab some flowers to surprise her.

Got to Safeway and grabbed a basket and started my for the best flowers to get Heather. After picking a nice bunch of assorted roses I continued on with my list. Bananas, tomato, avocado, black beans, etc…

One thing I love about our Safeway is the self check out when I only have a few items. So I self checked myself out.

Got home, the kids and Heather were excited to see the new flowers i brought home. After Heather unpacked the bags, she asked, “Where is the avocado?”

The avocado.

“I got the avocado”.

“Oh, wait…Dang it, I did get the avocado but I didn’t see it in the basket at self-checkout.”

It was the second thing I grabbed at Safeway but with the contrast of the dark skin and the black basket, I couldn’t see the avocado.

Maybe I shouldn’t self-checkout?

Nope. You will see me in the self checkout isle. I am not going to let this get me down. Next time I will try to remember to do a hand sweep inside the basket to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

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