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Warm setting of Beats founder, Jimmy Iovine and Apple CEO Tim Cook

When announcing the online music service Music at WWDC 2015 Apple last week, Apple seems to have full all the chains to acquire life music lovers: the superstars like Pharrell Williams Drake or a online music service with prices comfortable, mobile devices have a good player and, of course, the high-end headphones from Beats. Song, music painting labeled Apples still missing a big piece of the puzzle: if you want to enjoy music in the living room, you will have to look to the large speakers are not labeled Apple Beats nor labeled.

The reason is because Apple (and subsidiary Beats) was lacking a strategy sized speakers smart player can compete effectively with rivals such as Sonos.

According to internal sources of Variety , last year, when Apple bought prepared, Beats Electronics has entered the stage of finishing a wireless speaker can play music directly from online music services have paid Its cost (Beats Music, forerunner of Apple Music). If this wireless speaker debut, Beats will engage in direct competition with the big names such as Sonos or JBL in market-sized wireless speakers are worth billions – much higher than the value market price of high-end headphones.

Beatbox speakers are still considered as the “side” of the Beats

Each is expected to launch in late 2014 holiday season, the last of Beats wireless speakers was dead again quickly after Apple bought the famous brand of this headset. Many of the engineers who participated in this project then abandoned Beats, others move on to other projects of the company – based on both internal sources and the public profile of the Beats on LinkedIn staff.

Primarily known for products headphones, Beats Electronics has engaged in market since 2012. Bluetooth speaker Like market premium headphones, Bluetooth speaker market is a relatively new market but very rich in potential. Wireless speakers sleek Beats (and rivals such as Logitech, Jabra, Bose …) be considered as a solution for music fans can listen comfortably from mobile devices, including All music files are stored on the device and music from online services like YouTube or Spotify.

But Bluetooth has too many limitations. Users will have to keep the smartphone within operating distance of the speakers. Experience listening to music on Bluetooth speaker will be interrupted by calls or other kinds of tone from the mobile operating system. That does not even include Bluetooth portable speaker market increasingly becomes cramped when both the long sound name and the emerging small companies are gaining a foothold in this market through products extremely competitive prices.

Sonos Loudspeaker attention not only thanks to the beautifully designed guest rooms, but also thanks to the direct support for the music service online

That is why Beats made the decision to produce the high-end speakers to compete with Sonos. Like Sonos, Beats’d bring users to the large speakers in your living room (or any room they want) can play music in sync.And, Beats will also “learn” strategy of focusing first Sonos into the living room before the launch of the compact wireless speakers, price more pleasant for the bedroom or kitchen.

But Beats product line will not simply “copy” from Sonos. According to sources understand the technical details of this project, the Beats speakers will combine Bluetooth with Wi-Fi and NFC to provide a smoother experience, allowing users to begin playing music from the moment they set foot in the room. And thanks to the strong brand, Beats obviously will not sell low-priced products than Sonos. In contrast, the rumors that the speakers of Beats sized wireless will cost up to 750 USD (over 16 million).

Beats is not the only company seeking to invade the wireless market sized speakers employed by Sonos.Qualcomm, the largest chipmaker in the world, is also trying to build an ecosystem for its Allplay platform.Qualcomm is planning to franchise Allplay help hardware manufacturers can easily create products their wireless headsets. DTS, a company that specializes in the speaker system in the cinema, is also building similar products Qualcomm. For its part, Google has found some allies (including Denon and LG) to bring Google technology Caste play content on wireless speakers.

Apple / Beats had full service, equipment and mobile headsets, but market music devices at home, why?

Beats mistake is that companies of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine has not bought the rights to the technology from Qualcomm or Google. Instead, the Electronic Beats conduct research and make their own solution – a task that was not easy with a company specializing in audiovisual equipment such as Beats. The source ofVariety Beats project confirmed not only encountered numerous product malfunctions but also to repeatedly change chipset suppliers and continuous release date pushed back. Considering these issues, Apple has quickly decided to cancel the project of Beats wireless speakers. According to another source, the company of Tim Cook has not completely canceled but only postponed indefinitely this project. However, regardless of the actual decision of what Apple is Apple Music had to launch without any room speaker supports.

The negative signal does not stop here. Many confirmed the death of the project advanced wireless speaker is another sign showing Apple never put our minds to Beats hardware development. Number of employees still working for the Beats were very much reduced compared with the day Apple announced the acquisition of the company: one of the sources of Variety confirmed Beats 50% of employees have left the company or been to resign from that time until now. In the last year, Apple said it would lay off some staff redundant due to merger, but simultaneously also denied reports that the number of employees fired up to 200 people (total number of employees at the time of Beats 700 people).

Beats Pills

Some sources also said that 70% of employees received Beats stable positions at Apple since the two companies merged to date. However, the information on LinkedIn shows a lot of key personnel, including product manager and chief engineer TJ Grewal’s development department have left speaker David Tizler Beats in recent months.

A recent event probably will make fans of branded wireless speaker discourage Beats: Beats Pill speaker when detecting XL may cause fire due to overheating batteries, Apple has to recover the entire 233,000 Pill XL product instead conducting battery change or product innovation. Apple sum compensation payments directly or provided in the form of money to buy goods / content on the Apple Store for users. The Beats Pill XL removed from the Apple Store website. Company Tim Cook did not want to put the signs back speakers.

It is noteworthy that the only time the market entered the large speakers with iPod Hi-fi speakers in 2006, Apple has faced numerous criticisms about the quality of sound and are forced to stop selling this product 18 months then. In recent years, Apple has always focused on promoting the ability to play music wirelessly from iPhone / iPad or Mac to AirPlay router, a device is also integrated the 3.5 jack for connecting to speakers . AirPlay technology has also been franchised to a number of other manufacturers, but the majority of products that support AirPlay speakers are encountering some technical obstacles, such as can not play music from one device iOS to multiple speakers simultaneously.

iPod Hi-Fi, Apple’s sole effort on market-sized speakers

But the success of Sonos does not allow Apple overslept. Only released a few years, in fiscal year 2015 speaker manufacturer is expected to earn $ 1 billion. Sonos success comes from the ability to support services such as Spotify online music player and Pandora. Experience a great combination between Sonos and services not only enables sellers Sonos speakers but also for Spotify and Pandora’s user base explode.This phenomenon is very similar to the story on Netflix: premium video streaming service become successful after being widely supported on smart TV.

In an article sent to Re / Code last week, John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos asserted: ” Only the music service capable of providing a solution to a real house music can succeed long long “ . The CEO also pointed out that users will spend up to 50% of the time listening to music at home.

A few days later, Apple Music launched without support Sonos speakers or any other large speaker (other AirPlay). ” Now, they are focusing on mobile , “a representative of the Sonos comment on this event withVariety. With the success of the iPhone and iPad, this assertion is absolutely correct, but if Apple does not soon change strategies for the sound system, Apple will once again be running behind Sonos as’ve run in the past Spotify and Pandora.

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