Why lithium battery capacity decreases and fades over time? –

Scientists at the National Laboratory Pacific Northwest, USA, has done a study to find out why the lithium battery capacity decreases with time.

By using a microscope with high magnification, scientists have observed the process of charging and discharging lithium in real time. They discovered that the user has created cracks in the electrodes of the battery. This is just one of the reasons why lithium battery capacity decreases with time.

The scientists also discovered after discharge and recharge cycles have been left part lithium electrode outside of the battery cells. The lithium section “die” can not continue in the future and rechargeable battery capacity that is reduced. Moreover, the researchers also observed an inter-solid phase electrolyte layer formed on the electrode surface hinders the ability to recharge the battery.

Scientists are finding metals can substitute for lithium. Magnesium, aluminum or copper may someday replace lithium cheaper and more reliable. However, at this point, we need to focus on research by lithium batteries are not nearly as no solution to preserve the capacity of lithium battery.

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