Why should you do Online Shopping from Kenya

Why should you do Online Shopping from KenyaI have written a series on Online shopping, as every time I learn something new, I would like to update you adequately. , and . Keep reading as i have given a list of some of the items i have purchased online with their full price, and link.

This Article is meant to encourage you to love Online shopping. I shop mostly from Ebay. I even have a where I can actually purchase for you, items from Online stores, and it has benefited several People. Check out our .

I wonder why People would fear shopping online, but yet again it just could be you don’t know how amazing shopping Online is.

I love shopping Online because I am able to purchase what I want, at my own convenience. We have all probably gone to a shop, or at least we have bought something from a store. Imagine you walk into this store that has so many customers, and there are very few people to serve you. If you are like any other person, you would want to hold an item, look at it, analyse it, observe, change to another item… basically you end up looking at several items at one time. If you are relying on one of the servers to bring you an item it can be hectic. Some of them can get disgusted with you if you end up picking one item after another and then returning it. Then to make it worse (for them) you end up leaving the store without purchasing anything; you were probably just window shopping.

Another instance, you want to enter a store; but this store is not like the crowded store. It’s one of those stores with more staff, than there are customers, probably because their items are expensive. Once you enter that store, all eyes are on you. The staff start approaching you, and want to offer you all kinds of help, and you are just saying in your head “if only this people knew am just window shopping”. You don’t get the freedom to just look around and quench you sight.

Then there is the thing of items being expensive in Kenya. Sometimes, not all, but sometimes, you find items quite expensive; and if you find it cheap, it probably won’t last long (although there are those that good). You find a sales person has hiked the price almost twice, and then they give the excuse of tax. I was at a stage and there was this lady who was buying Music CDs. So the price the hawkers sell is normally 50ksh, so this hawker says that the price has increased. The astonished lady asks why, and the hawker replies, “U know this tax that imposed has affected so many of us, so the CDS now sell for 70 ksh”. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Now we come to online shopping. With Online shopping, you have an endless list of options. If you are shopping from an online store for instance such as ebay, you can easily

Search for what you want to the finer detail

See the price of what you want, you don’t have to keep asking

Watch an item, to see if the price will reduce.

Visit the store at any time

Shop at different stores at one go

Pledge to buy something and pay for it later

Have a proper digital record of your Purchases, no need for paper receipts which can get lost.

Pay with the most widely used method for Online Payments; PayPal.

Access a wide variety of items that may not be easily found in Kenya

Most often than not, you get to purchase items at a lower price, detail to what you want and genuine products.

Online shopping has some great packs. I have bought a number of items for myself and a number for some clients, through my service.

With everything good, there is also some bad. Probably the drawback of online shopping is the duration it takes to receive your item, and the shipping charges.

Tricks and Tips

For duration, I came to learn that purchasing items from the ebay Uk store arrive in record time compared to items from other sellers. Those items from Uk store take about 1 week to arrive. Other stores can take you quite some long item. So if I want to purchase anything I check ebay.co.uk first before considering ebay.com. However if you are making many purchases, you can use shipping services. Read part 1 of online shopping to understand this more.

If you purchase items, and they come in an envelope they will not have tax imposed on them. Small items such as wallets, phone cases etc will be able to be sent via envelop, hence you will get it straight in your mail box.

If you have any problem with an item you purchased, get to talk to the seller by sending a direct message. Seller on Ebay want to have good reviews, as it builds their reputation. I have heard 2 items cancelled and the seller refunded the money. One time an item took long, and after asking the seller about their item, they apologized sincerely and requested me to let them ship another item, (for free). When they shipped the item, it arrived in 7 days (from ebay.uk store.) The sellers are friendly (most of them) and they maintain a good rapport with their clients.

Take Home

Remember you have a wide variety to choose from online; you can get almost anything you want and most certainly you end up saving some money online. Some sellers may offer absurd shipping charges but most of them are reasonable. If you purchasing a lot of items, using a US shipping address is the best way to go (read part 1 of online shopping in Kenya)

Purchased Items

I have purchased various items especially from ebay, for myself and for my clients. The pictures attached are images of some of the items i have purchased.

Click the links below to view some of the item i have purchased.



If you view the items, you will notice items from the Uk store arrived much earlier than from any other store.

Pictures of some of the items i have purchased.

I can facilitate for you your online shopping, of some of this items.

Online shopping has a lot of information, hence there are several posts on this

. that explains more on shipping, and gives a basic overview.

, that explains more on tax and much more.

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