Why Study English at IH New York?

If you were interested in Italian cooking, would you go to Japan to learn more? Maybe you want to learn the history and techniques of Impressionist painting – would you go to Canada? If your goal is to improve your English communications skills, you can study in hundreds of places. But if you could study in New York City, why would you choose anywhere else?

Studying English in New York is like learning to Tango in Argentina or to paint in Paris. It wasn’t invented here, but it might just be the perfect environment. As with other life-changing disciplines, you need more than books and classrooms. To truly experience the language, you need to live it. And there is no more “live” city in the world than New York. There’s even an expression, “Live, from New York, its…” that conveys the excitement, humor, intelligence, and cutting edge attitude embodied by both the city and the comedy institution that coined the phrase, Saturday Night Live.

In New York, you will be surrounded by people just like you; people from every country on earth, people trying to absorb as much of the city as they can, people passionate about their work and even more so, about their cultural and social lives. People who thrive in a city full of high and low culture, food, sports, entertainment and every form of spoken, written and broadcast expression known to man. Where else can you go from Shakespeare in the Park to Bronx cheers in a single day, with comedy clubs, art galleries, dance halls, shows, and cinemas waiting to be experienced the next.  All while testing your

at sidewalk vendors, food trucks, cafés and restaurants of every type. And did we mention the shopping?

At , you will meet teachers, administrators and staff who share a couple of common traits: they know and love both New York City and the English language, and they thrive on sharing those passions with people new to both. You will have the opportunity to study in small and dynamic group classes as well as individually with experienced and committed teachers. In addition, the school sponsors regular social programs and special events, and provides the expert local knowledge that will make the city your playground as well as classroom.

In New York, you won’t just study English you will live it. And IH New York will be your guide and mentor. All that’s missing is your name: “Live, from New York, its…”

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