Why we started this journey

Why wait until retirement?

That’s the simplest way to put it. We both refuse to accept what has become the “normal” path in Indian-American culture.




Grad School



Kids graduate, get married, etc.

Retire – Travel a lot, mostly to see family

Working until we are seniors and accrue the associated aches, pains, responsibilities, attachments and habits? Given the lack of those obstacles and the opportunity, we choose a different path. The timing is not ideal, but it’s as good as it’s gonna get.

Gouri giving the Rope Swing in Flores, Guatemala a go

Secondly, one of our goals is to identify problems where social enterprise projects are possible. Donating money or time is very noble and is very valuable, but we feel that by digging a bit deeper perhaps something more can be uncovered. Many solutions already exist in the western world that just need the right practitioner to apply them. The opposite is also possible, where we can bring a solution from abroad back to a problem in the United States. We don’t know what we will find; but 2 Mechanical Engineers turned Consultants with combined business and aid experience/networks may be able to figure something out.

An example could be this existing product and company that we found.

is a Guatemalan based company that manufactures water filters made from Clay, Colloidal Silver, and Sawdust. They are hard to miss while walking around the streets of .

Considering the number of foreigners that come through that city, I need to explore further why its technology isn’t more wide spread.

Now that you know why we travel, come check out what we’ve done so far in .

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