Windows 10 Amazing new features

Window’s 10 amazing new featuresFor those who don’t know, the most recent Windows that is out there officially is Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is an upgrade of windows 8 and it featured some great improvements; but this review is about Windows 10, I was just getting you up to speed on the whereabouts of Microsoft (of course not everything about them, I would need to write a book for that).

Windows 10, is the next big thing from Microsoft. If you got up to speed from the first paragraph, you must then be asking yourself, where is ? Microsoft deliberately skipped windows 9 and there are some interesting reasons for that. I had intended to feature why windows 9 was skipped and also review Windows 10 in one blog post but then the reason as to why

was skipped were quiet interesting and I had to make it on its own post. You can find out the reason .

I created a

showing you guys how the windows 10 will look like, so for those who love to use their eyes can jump right ahead and watch the video , but it would be interesting for you to read on some of the cool features Windows 10 has as this article will feature more features than what the video shows.

Let us begin

Where do we begin? Microsoft Windows 10 has quite a lot of improvements under its belt, clearly Microsoft has been working extremely hard, and listening to user suggestions. So we shall start from the place where every windows user who upgraded to windows 8 has been asking about, the start menu. Let’s list some of the features we shall talk about so that you have a clue of what is in store for you.

New features

I know you want to hear about the start menu, but I need to explain to you some of the new features that have been added onto Windows 10 so that you can be able to understand how the start menu has been greatly improved.

The main philosophy behind Windows 10 is to have one windows that will run on all devices; Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Xbox. This is great news for software developers as they don’t have to develop for multiple different platforms. So keeping It all under one roof (hope Nakumatt Holdings don’t attack me for this, oh but they changed it to “You need we’ve got it”) but still having the interfaces tailored towards each of the systems

The windows 10 has a mode to detect if you are using a touch interface or Keyboard interface. This feature is called continuum. This feature will enable Keyboard users as well as touch users have better and more refined tailored interfaces for each of the different systems.

The windows apps used to be full screen apps but if for instance you are on a keyboard setup you can have the apps in their own small sized windows

The icons have all changed and new animations have been added to the interface. The icons look more appealing and give better appearance to the sight.

Other features

New features that have been introduced is the continuum as illustrated above, the

feature, ,

some of which will be features as we go along.

Okay, now we can talk about the start menu.

The start Menu

Everyone who upgraded to windows 8 wondered what happened to the start menu. Many missed the old simple start menu that they were used to. Microsoft has brought back the old familiar start menu but with major improvements. You can now be able to access your programs from the start menu and also add live tiles.

The start menu can be turned on and off but with the continuum feature it is on by default for a keyboard and mouse setup.

The start menu is now resizable. You can drag the top of the menu and make it smaller or simply just flatten it out or you can stretch it up it to make it taller.

On the start menu there has been an addition of a new button, Expand. You can click the expand button so that every time you click the stat menu it goes into full screen mode. This can as well be deactivated by clicking the expand button as well.

The search box that is usually on the start menu is now called “Ask me anything box”. This box has been integrated with Cortana. Cortana features below, so keep on reading.

The shutdown, restart, hibernate and sleep button have now been integrated into the start menu, they are no longer on the right side as they used to be. To know where they are make sure you check out the .

Task view

The task view button gives you a bird eye view of all the open windows. From this view, you can switch to another window or simply close any window by clicking the x button. The task view is also accessible via the keys “Alt” + “Tab”.

Some of you might not know what this keys do so for you to understand the new feature of pressing this keys let me briefly explain them to you.

In previous version of windows from windows 8.1 and below (don’t ask me about windows 98, I wasn’t using computers by then) up to until windows 7, the keys “Alt” + “Tab” enabled one to easily multitask. Pressing those keys simultaneously activated the task view and enabled you to move from one open window or program to another.

To use it, activate the task view by pressing the “Alt” +”Tab” Keys. Without releasing the “Alt” key, you can then be able to navigate across through your open programs by pressing and releasing the “Tab” key. The programs are arranged in order of the program last opened, hence this feature enables you to switch between programs very fast. Now go ahead, you try it, and if you having any trouble just drop by a comment below and you will be helped in a jiffy.

Now I will also need to explain to you another feature that has been there in windows called snap. Snap in Windows lets you expand open windows, make them fill the screen, or view them side-by-side simply by dragging them on your desktop.

You can easily move a window to the side by pressing the keys “Windows” and “Arrow”. The arrow key is either the up, down, left or right arrow keys which will determine the direction in which your window should go. “Up” arrow maximizes the window, “Down” arrow minimizes the window, and well you can guess what the “left” and “right” keys do, the move the window to the left and right respectively.

Okay now with that you will now be able to understand how windows has combined this two features and revolutionized the “Alt” and “Tab” keys.

The “Alt” “Tab” interface was improved greatly. Snap is still built in, but now the way it extends you now have that snap interface integrating with the task view for easier snapping. This is how it works.

Have several applications open at least 4, such as notepad, windows explorer, Internet explorer. Initially we could snap the apps individually but now what windows 10 will do, is that it works with the task view. Remember our explanation of task view and snap above? If not just scroll back and check it out.

So if I drag a window and snap it to the side, let us say the left side, it snaps to the left but then it assumes you want to snap something to the right side too. So it automatically splits the right part of the screen and throws it into the task view. When you choose an app, it comes forward and snaps automatically. You can also be able to snap multiple windows onto the screen.

Pretty amazing don’t you think? Clearly Microsoft were serious about making a product that meets every consumer’s need.

Virtual Desktop

I love this feature. The virtual Desktop enables you to create another desktop with nothing showing; no programs or desktop applications. This is great if the desktop you are currently working on is cluttered and you want to show someone else a certain window or you just want a clean desktop and yet you do not want to close the one you are currently working on.

The virtual desktop is activated through the Task view button. When you click the task view button, at the bottom there is an option for new desktop. It will create a new desktop with less clutter. You can switch back to another desktop using the same Task view button. So you have specific applications running on one desktop and as well have other applications running on a different desktop.

The amazing Cortana

Cortana is the digital assistant that you can communicate with. You can get to it by clicking the start menu or by clicking the search button on the task manager. Once you click the search button, you can type in your question or click the microphone button and talk to Cortana. You can ask it anything and it shall respond. The voice sounds quiet good. If you just want to hear some good jokes, just ask Cortana “Hello Cortana tell me a joke”, and it shall respond with one.


Am sure you were wondering when it would come to an end, you can now stop holding your breath. As you can see windows 10 packs some amazing cool features. The continuum, the amazing Cortana, Task view, Virtual desktop, the start menu and much more.

If you have any questions about windows 10 just drop a comment below, as you can be aware, that there are so many features I couldn’t write about all of them. So now you know what is in store for you from Microsoft, some great amazing improvements. Remember to share this page and help others to Technologize their Brain at just as you did

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