Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows

In a surprise statement at a conference last week’s Ignite, managing director of Microsoft’s development activities, said Jerry Nixon will be the version of Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft finally released.

Speaking of Jerry latest Nixon does not mean completely deny the possibility Microsoft may change in the near future intends to launch new Windows version. However, according to the analysis will be the version of Windows 10 operating system and most stable last but Microsoft wants to work towards. Instead of a completely new version of Windows, Microsoft is aiming to maintain and develop the focus for Windows 10 with the improved technical features and updated regularly.

“Right now, we are about to release Windows 10 and Windows 10 because the final version of Windows so all we are continuing to study more about Windows 10″.

“We do not talk about branding in the future at this point, but customers can be confident that Windows 10 will always be updated and adapted well to the devices from PC to phone and from Surface Hub to HoloLens and Xbox. We are aiming for a longer future for the improvement, innovation on Windows “ , Jerry Nixon said.

Added to the site technology  The Verge of this decision, Microsoft said on manufacturers in future will begin offering Windows as a service with regular updates on schedule. However, Microsoft does not say in detail and explain exactly how this new operation.

Besides, Nixon also explain more about why the company launched Windows 8.1 last year. It was confirmed today that an important prerequisite for genuine development and launch Windows 10 this year.

Microsoft has changed the way engineers develop Windows and the result is original Windows 10. Instead will launch a new version of the operating system, Windows 10 will be receiving more updates and improvements. Part of this strategic policy that is dividing the components of the operating system such as Start Menu and integrated applications for the separated parts can be updated independently of the whole OS Windows. This is a big undertaking, but that’s the way that Microsoft is actively perfecting for Windows 10 to ensure it is compatible with many different types of devices.

Expectedly, a major update will be released next year Microsoft called Redstone. And if Microsoft Windows 10 is defined as the final version of Windows is released, it likely will be the largest full update cycle important marks Microsoft’s first update after Windows 10 RTM release Official summer this year.

Recently, Microsoft also announced that it will stop building the security update to the monthly Patch Tuesday to concentrate more for the development of big updates more efficiently.

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