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Your first step in getting your visa sorted

Make sure that you have the right visa, if you are of international heritage and are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand you will need a work visa and often a work permit to live and work in Australia.

Which visa is right for you?

Are you a skilled worker? Are you a family member coming to join someone already working in Australia. The full breakdown is available here –

What you will need to apply

Proof or evidence of the following:

Where do you start?

Australia’s Department of Immigration website has a fantastic resource, the  that helps you navigate which visa is best for you.

The most common visa categories are family migration, that is if you have family members living in Australia, skilled mirgation, if you have a particular skill that is needed within Australia to fulfill a demand or a study mirgation such as a student visa for an exchange student program or long-term tertiary study. There is also the working holiday program also known as the gap year.

What do I get with the Australian visa?

Depending on the visa you will have different abilities or restriction. For example, some visas that do not allow you to work have a restriction on which health care services are available to you.

The good news is that if you do successfully qualify for a working visa you will have access to the public healthcare system known as Medicare which subsidizes medical needs and pharmaceuticals.

Most companies bringing in new employees will most likely have a lawyer take a look at your case, depending on what you are applying for this may be useful however, most visas are built so that you do not need a lawyer to be involved. If you have family and children traveling with you this might be something work considering to make sure all visas are correct.

Do take a look at the border control in Australia, heavy protection laws are set in place to make sure nothing compromises the biodiversity.

If you are interested in becoming a citizen, some visas allow you to begin the process. For more information take a look at

We have plenty of useful links including information on when you get to Australia.

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