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How to make money writing online Everyone in my “real life”doesn’t know what I do for a living. It’s not that I’m secretive,it’s just that people assume a homeschooling mom of six is plenty busy enough,right? In fact,about 6 months into this business,when I was working several hours a day to build up my body of […]July 13th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,, |

OK- I have a lot of mom writer friends on my Facebook friends list. I’m here today to talk some well-deserved SMACK about one of them. I don’t have professional contact with this woman,she writes for a few revenue sharing sites. As far as I can tell,it’s a hobby.She posted a […]July 11th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,, |

The whole purpose of this website originally was to help writer moms break into magazine writing. It’s really not rocket science. Over the past year or so,it’s become focused more on online writing instead of magazine writing.Since my passive income is AALLLMMOOSSTT enough to live on (although we’re definitely not living like kings) […]October 29th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,, | Category: |

write for your own websites I always get annoyed when I find myself devoting a lot of time writing for other people’s websites. The pay isn’t fantastic,but I re my keywords and make sure that the job is well done. I know that the people paying me will end up making more in […]June 22nd,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,, |

There are free courses online to help you learn how to write grant proposals. Whether you have your own nonprofit organization or you’d like to work as a grant writer,or write a grant for a friend,there’s plenty of free resources online to help you learn how to write a grant and where to […]June 10th,2009 | Tags:,,, | Category: |

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