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How to make money writing online I just ed for Small Publications in Seattle and was pretty disappointed to find that none of my fellow writers had compiled this. If they did,they weren’t on page 1 and the only useful thing on page 1 was Wikipedia. So I’m writing it. If you want a list of small newspapers in Seattle […]December 20th,2016 | Category:,, |

I know you skim over marketing emails,too. 90% of them are just spam- designed to remind you that you once thought something was interesting enough to add yourself to an email list. But the fact is,for me anyhow,that if I don’t buy it right away,chances are that I won’t even open […]July 16th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,,,, |

There are new websites offering opportunities for writers every day. It starts like a wave. One website is formed on the message boards of another website. Discontented or financially inspired contributors (or designers or s) from one website decide to jump in and create their own. It’s happening a lot right now. Some sites will […]January 17th,2010 | Category:,,,,,, |

(Free SEO Video Course ) And here are a couple of guys who mastered it and make almost $100k a month. DAYUMM or should I say SHAZAMM because my kids are in the room.I was reading the Suite101 forums and someone posted this video- awesome- awesome- totally CLICKED for me. Most of this I […]October 1st,2009 | Tags:, | Category:,,,,,,, |

Here’s a free course I found to help learn about grant writing by understanding how foundations work and what their role is in philanthropy. This organization offers several free courses,Here’s a list:Foundations and Their Role in Philanthropy:A detailed overview of the world of private foundations.Finding Foundation Support for Your Education:Guides […]April 19th,2009 | Tags: | Category:,, |

Send me some recommendations,please. I know Guy Lecke’s keywords cracker was very insightful. I’m sure you SEO wizards have all used the Google keyword tool to see how popular certain terms are,but then there’s all that other info,like CPM and CPC,what’s up with that? Is it better to use the […]March 25th,2008 | Tags:,, | Category:,,,,,, |

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