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How to make money writing online I just ed for Small Publications in Seattle and was pretty disappointed to find that none of my fellow writers had compiled this. If they did,they weren’t on page 1 and the only useful thing on page 1 was Wikipedia. So I’m writing it. If you want a list of small newspapers in Seattle […]December 20th,2016 | Category:,, |

I’m going to start with a caveat…and that’s that content mills are really great for beginners. Right now,I’m a little bit of a beginner again. I’m not working TOO HARD to secure private clients because I’m trying to focus on my fiction writing. That said- my fiction royalties aren’t enough to live on […]December 2nd,2016 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,,, |

I’ve been writing for Blogmutt since December 20,2013 and almost instantly,they were my #1 favorite place to log into. Their behind-the-scenes format is so easy to work with. Instead of blowing their horn here on my website,I’m going to send you directly over to Blogmutt via some links to posts I wrote […]February 20th,2014 | Category:,,,,,, |

I can’t even explain how often a frantic writer will reach out on the freelance writing forums,pleading for overflow assignments,with such catastrophes as “My power will be shut off tomorrow” or “If I wait until payday I will have a $50 fee” or “I need enough in my paypal to put gas in […]October 1st,2013 | Category:,,,, |

If you haven’t heard of Bukisa as a writing site,it’s probably because it’s not taken very seriously as a source of income. The site pays on a monthly $/1000 which changes,based on the previous month’s earnings for the entire site. Consequently,crappy articles are paid at the same rate as good articles,and […]August 15th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,, | are closed OK,this one isn’t new and I can’t even say that it’s new to me. I signed up for Constant Content apparently in November of 2008. I’m not sure what the process was like (is it a sign-up or an application? I don’t remember) All I know is that I kept getting these emails every […]May 28th,2010 | Category:,,,, |

I was intrigued by the look of the Allvoices website,they looked professional,but clean (compared to Examiner,whose new logo and site design helped with the ‘clean’factor a bit,I admit)I was put off at first by the fact that in order to sign up,I had to use Facebook. I don’t […]May 24th,2010 | Category:, |

OK,so I’ve been writing for Break Studios for almost 2 weeks now. I promised I’d write up a review once I had them figured out. They’re really laid back,compared to Demand Studios. The titles are also really different. the pay is also significantly lower.So far,it’s balancing out,though. I’m able to […]May 3rd,2010 | Tags:,,,,,, | Category:,, |

If you’re like me,you have created several titles in your eHow articles queue and simply haven’t written them. eHow isn’t cool with that and they’re giving you until November 26th to write them or release them. Imagine- someone else profiting from your article idea. I have a LOT- like over 40. I’ve done a […]October 28th,2009 | Tags:,,,, | Category:, |

Wow,so yesterday I signed up for CloudCrowd and spent probably 2 hours exploring their site,reading all the rules and the contract and doing each of the different jobs they have available. Here’s how it worksJob #1- you can scour the internet for terrible foreign websites. We’ve all seen them,they’re poorly translated […]October 10th,2009 | Tags:,, | Category:,,,, |

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