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How to make money writing online «    »Writing Process for webwritersOn writer’s message boards,occasionally someone new will ask seasoned writers about our process. What steps do we go through in the writing process,to write fast web copy that (hopefully) doesn’t suck?The process that works for me is so different from what I’m being asked to do in school (did I mention I’m attending college online,double majoring in journalism and pre-law).In school,I’m supposed to go through this big long complicated process ofbrainstormingdefining an audiencedeveloping a thesisoutliningorganizing detailsanalyzing to support thesis or rewriting thesisuse a graphic organizer (WTF –no kidding,we have to like draw these pictures with the words from our essay like arranged into word bubbles??????)When I was in high school and taking community college courses,I always managed to skim through without doing all of these extra steps.  I just wrote the damned paper. If it wasn’t logical or didn’t make sense,I’d fix it until it did.  If ever I had to turn in an outline before my paper,I’d have to actually WRITE the paper first,then create an outline.  No big deal,I always got straight A’s in every English and writing course I’ve ever taken,even though I never followed their technique.But this time,I’m trying to flex my brain and follow the rules.  I turned in a draft before I wrote my paper.  It felt so wrong.  What feels even worse is the fact that I have to read my classmate’s drafts and offer helpful advice.  It’s torture.  If I ever said “Anyone can be a writer,”I take it back.My Webwriting ProcessAnyway- the process that comes naturally to me is one that I’ve seen other successful webriters sharing and it goes something like this. (Keep in mind that this process works for our little 500 word SEO articles,it may not be suitable for larger documents or school reports)So what’s YOUR writing process?  How do you approach your nonfiction web articles?  Is your process the same for blog posts? Product reviews? Blurbs?And do you ever feel the need to put a pen to paper and create a graphic representation of your article (I’m not judging,but graphics do nothing for me,I can’t even imagine the purpose of this- except to appeal to people who can’t make a mental image)

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