Writing Site to AVOID – Helium.com

Writing site to AVOID – Helium.com

It’s a joke.  No one makes any serious money there. A lady came to a message board I frequent, so she could offer everyone a personal invitation (because she gets a bonus for recruiting) but when pressed for details about her earnings she was evasive. I had to kind of read between the lines because she wouldn’t say anything specific, except that she gets “stars and badges”

Excuse me, I can’t pay for dance shoes with stars and badges, know what I mean?

Whatever- she’s proud of her stars and badges, I get it. But is she making any money?


84 articles and $40 last month.

She said that she has to spend a few hours each week promoting her work (begging people to click on her links)

I was rather annoyed. Not so much that the site exists, or that her earnings suck, but that she was PROMOTING the site, which is such an obvious time-waster.  I actually feel sorry for the poor suckers who start writing there, only to be encouraged by the other writers who are egging them on with promises of badges and stars; they’re worthless.

Just for kicks- I stopped into their writer forums to see if I could find some REAL success stories.

no luck.

I found a man who said that if he can write 135 articles a day and gets 5 more stars, he can quit his day job.

I found a gal who joined in August, wrote over 70 articles and has earned $4  but that’s not all, she also has 3 stars.  woohoo. A star.  wtf???

I found another guy who has written 513 articles and only made $1300.  WOW- what a waste of time.  I  can only imagine how much income 513 Suite101 articles would make.  I don’t even have 150 articles up and last month I made $750- in a month, his $1300 is lifetime.  wtf?  that’s less than $3 per article.  How can he be happy about this?

I found another 1532 articles and $3500 earnings.  Again- less than $3 per article.

Then, I stopped. I just can’t take anymore. It breaks my heart to see people wasting their time working for stars and badges, it’s pathetic.

The lady who posted in the forum seemed pleased to get feedback on her work. So maybe if you need some sort of writer’s incubation period, to find your voice or, I don’t know, get confidence. Then maybe it’s a good thing.

But if you actually want to make money- Do not write for Helium.com

And if you decide that you want to write for Helium even though I warned you against it, by all means use my referral code so that I can be proven wrong if you ever manage to make a dime there. Even if it takes 100 articles.  But- the referral code must be emailed, you can’t just post a link.  I don’t know why, it’s lame just like everything else on their website.

OOH- OK, I emailed myself an invitation –

– and if it doesn’t work just go there & sign up without it, it’s really not an exclusive club!  You’ll see that when you start reading the articles they have.

Apparently they also – I was SERIOUSLY amused to read their #1 article for “how to make money writing online articles” because they didn’t list any of the REAL moneymakers, Suite101 wasn’t on the list, nor was Demand Studios or eHow. They had textbroker, AC, CC, Squidoo, a few others. I’m not linking to the article but you can find it at http://tinyurl.com/heliumsucks  pun intended

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