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How to make money writing online Roundup articles are a little like “freebies”for web content writers.  Presumably you’ve been writing in the same niche for a while and have several articles about a few very precise topics.Mini Touchscreen Laptop –irrelevant but awesomeA roundup article is basically a compilation of all those articles,with links to several […]August 18th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,,,,,, |

If you haven’t heard of Bukisa as a writing site,it’s probably because it’s not taken very seriously as a source of income.  The site pays on a monthly $/1000 which changes,based on the previous month’s earnings for the entire site. Consequently,crappy articles are paid at the same rate as good articles,and […]August 15th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,, | are closed I haven’t been over to textbroker for a while.  There are a few reasons.#1- I’ve faxed in my w9  and  apparently they didn’t get it. Even though the fax machine said the transmission succeeded and all the other documents I sent that day,to several other companies were received just fine.  I don’t have […]August 15th,2010 | Tags:,,, | Category:, |

Almost a year ago,I wrote about my Suite101 earnings,because one writer made $5000 in a month and they finally told us we were allowed to discuss our income.I’m revisiting that topic this year because the industry has changed a little,so have my earnings and my writing habits and Suite101′s best practices […]August 9th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,,,, |

So,much to my surprise,I’m currently registered as a writer at Demand Studios.Again.If you don’t know the back story,here’s a link to the drama: OMG I got fired from DSWhen Eve originally informed me of their decision,I sent a response,stating my side of the story.  I sent a note […]July 14th,2010 | Tags:,,,,, | Category:,,, |

OK- I have a lot of mom writer friends on my Facebook friends list. I’m here today to talk some well-deserved SMACK about one of them. I don’t have professional contact with this woman,she writes for a few revenue sharing sites. As far as I can tell,it’s a hobby.She posted a […]July 11th,2010 | Tags:,,,,,,,,,,,,, | Category:,,,, |

OK,so I’ve been writing for Break Studios for almost 2 weeks now. I promised I’d write up a review once I had them figured out. They’re really laid back,compared to Demand Studios. The titles are also really different. the pay is also significantly lower.So far,it’s balancing out,though. I’m able to […]May 3rd,2010 | Tags:,,,,,, | Category:,, |

And I don’t mean to use the word “battle”in a war-like sense,I just mean that there are two different philosophies niche bloggers should be aware of,and maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re right,but the speculation is interesting. And I want to add mine so that there’s really three.OK so today […]November 11th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,,, | Category:,, |

In online writing,there are a few different pay structures that publishers use.  Paying writers up front is one model,whereby a writer gets a set fee for each article,and nothing more. Residual pay is another,whereby a writer is paid percentage of the income that’s generated from the advertising on their pages. PPV […]November 7th,2009 | Tags:,,,,,,, | Category:, |

If you didn’t know this,I’m the Homeschooling for TypeAmom. I just got their November Newsletter email stating that they’ve opened up a bunch of new positions,it’s a great chance to get in with a growing company. They have a lot of great things going on there,a fantastic community of diverse […]November 6th,2009 | Tags:,,,,, | Category: |

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