Xiaomi Mi4 common problems users have and their fixes.

Xiaomi Mi4 common problems users have and their fixes.

Xiaomi Mi4 common problems users have: Xiaomi Mi4 is a big hit in Chinese smart phone market and other parts of the world. Xiaomi is about to release Mi4 this Feb in Indian market. I am willing to buy this phone and for this I have studied Xiaomi Mi4 common problems users have. So if you are looking for this device then I must suggest you must go through these problems so that when you face them troubleshooting is not a difficult task.


will surely come with latest version of MIUI and hopefully it will be bugs and error free. But still after going through MIUI forum it seems people are getting some problems. These are as follows

Here is summary of above problems that I have collected from Xiaomi forum.

Recently bought Xiaomi Mi4 its signal reception strength is very poor especially in WCDMA. I hope it is not because of bad quality antenna.

MIUI browser v6 is very slow and buggy. Sometimes unable to open.

Whenever I tried to connect my Xiaomi Mi4 with Wi-Fi, signal strength is very poor and signal drops continuously. Sometimes it shows authentication error.

The Mi4 camera often has noise and blurs on taken photos. The quality of the images is often bad.

I hope this is a software issue that gets fixed in future updates, and not because of bad hardware.

Phone automatically goes to home-screen after 3-4 seconds. I am not able to change any settings or other due to this problem.

Read Xiaomi Mi4 common problems andtheir solutions one by one below:

Problem: Xiaomi Mi4 signal reception strength is very poor. Phone often disconnects or shows poor signal while other devices works fine.


Solution: Remove and re-insert your SIM card to check if it was inserted properly inside the SIM tray. Try to connect your carrier service manually. For this go to settings >> networks and search for available networks in your area. Now select your operator and restart your device.

Problem: MIUI browser very laggy and slow. Although they will give a solid update for their browser but if you still fells their browser is very slow or crashes then follow these steps

Solution: Try to clean browser cache files and then use the app. Otherwise switch to some other browser like Google Chrome or Opera Mini.

Problem: Wi-Fi signal strength is very poor or signal drops frequently.

Solution: Try switching to any other Wi-Fi network to check the problem is with your device or internet connection. Many times you will face Wi-Fi errors like authentication error or error obtaining IP address.

These articles will surely help you to resolve Wi-Fi problem in your smart phone.

Problem: Camera takes blurry images and often hangs while taking pictures or making videos. This is very common problem among Xiaomi users not only in Mi4 but also in Redmi 1s or Mi3

Solution: To take good quality images you can download some good camera apps from play store. If camera is causing too much trouble then I suggest you to take your device to nearest service centre or wait for next update. Also try clearing cache files and reboot your device. Hope it will fix camera lags issues.

Take a Look:

Problem: Xiaomi Mi4 screen lags or automatically comes to home screen in middle of any task.

Solution: Well not very common problem but still if your are facing this then restart your Xiaomi Mi4 and check if problem is gone or not. If problem was still there then I suggests to factory reset your device. This will remove the app causing such problem. If all these methods fail then take your Xiaomi Mi4 to nearest service centre.

I hope I have covered all possible Xiaomi Mi4 common problems that users can face. If you are still getting any problem or have any suggestions feel free to say in the comment box below.

Thank You.

mi4 user

u have not even provided a real solution to the issues..!

browser lags? use chrome or opera!! lol.. mi4 is such a pain in the as with all the bugs and issues like these and theres not even an actual “solution” for the problems faced by the users

Nikhil Sachdeva

Unable to click pic in my mi4 insert sd cardvis showing on opening camera


anyone having trouble with sound quality during a phone conversation ? i hear very clearly in my mi4 fdd lte but the other person does not my voice hear very clear.

i have a tempered glass screen protector but that should not interfere as far as i can figure out..


Am not able to hide my apps using any of the app locker. It always shows an error saying smthng wrong with task manager. N am not even able to restrict the data use of

apps it is actlly working for few minutes only. Please provide a solution for this


hii my xiaomi lost its phone button and phonebook icon which has to be seen on home screen so please help because i cant even see my missed call or make a phone call.. pls do help

Ashraful Hossain


my Mi4 all sound functions have stopped. No ringer, media, notifications, keypad tone, touch-sound and screen lock sound. I reboot the mobile, didn’t work. I did back up & reset but didn’t work even. Please give me some solution.


I recenty bought xiaomi4.tried using notes..it got stuck on the screen..Now for any shift of function I have to power off/on…else it is stuck on the screen where I use it…Please help


Exactly the same issue happened with me…i still do not know what should i do.


i can hide images but cannt unhide them. how to unhide images…it is not working for me. plz tell me the solution for this.


sir i bought mi 4g phone in jan 2015. problem is it always show your internal memory is full cant download though 32 gb chip is put in side the phone. all settings shows photos any videos downloads will be stored in external memory card but when we try for downloading it says your internal memory is full delete some files. but plenty of space in memory card. i am fed up with this problem. please give me some solution. kindly mail me



I am not able to use playstore from my mi4.. i just brought 3 days before n the mobile is getting heated while charging.. please help with this issue..


I just got this phone just two days ago…since i got this i cant use internet through


SIM but if

i connect with wi fi it works fine…I am stuck with problem

AND if i remove this sim and inset into my lumia 520 than internet works fine with that handset…i DOnt know what to do either replace the phone or change the SIM.


once number is dialed and talked the screen does remains dark so can’t disconnect phone after use. Suggest a solution please.


I bought a mi4., two weeks before,, suddenly my phone touch become very slow… Means I was unable to change or scroll the page….. Off button was not working that time….. very poor speed for normal operation was there…..

After restart problem got solved…

But I want to ask that should I go to service center for this issue????

Visit Xiaomi forum I hope it will be helpful.

Judtih caroline basco

i cannot open my phone after playing coc.. i dont know what happen after this.. please reply..



I cant enter in to the settings camera, turn off camera immediately.

Also add location on instsagram doesnt work…


My Xiaomi Mi4 phone is showing no network. Also showing corrupted IMEI. Prior to this

I was having problem flashing the ROM. What do I need to do? Or where can I

find a good service center to fix the problem?


Instagram not working.News feed doesn’t load;infact,no pictures are shown on my instagram.I have uninstalled and installed severally yet same problem


I have bought a new MI4. I am unable to files (photos/videos/music) in my phone.First I thought the photos taken from the phone is not getting saved.But when i connect the phone with computer, I can view all the files. But cant view in the phone.


I am having speaker problems, If i call

other person can

hear my voice but i can not hear the other person voice. Google apps not showing notifications if i close the application.


HI , I have bought MI4I 4 days back. From the day one, contact picture is not displaying for both incoming as well as outgoing calls. I have tried to get solution through Rebuild Index data from Settings-> Contacts-> Organize contacts. still the issue is not resolved. I am wondering this is very common issue even a normal person can find it. How a testing team has missed out this?



I have Mi 4i which is working good except 1

thing which is the Wifi Connectivity with some apps . It is showing

“This app is restricted from using Wifi services” . Whats app, You tube Even i

can’t update the apps

using a Wifi from the Play store because of the same issue.

It would be great if you could help me out with this issue ASAP.




I have just bought mi4 and the wifi of the device is not being enabled. Initially i was able to connect to internet and get it connected with my account. After installing whatsup it stopped detecting the wifi. I have reset the device to the factory settings still not able to enable the wifi.

Can you please suggest what is to be done?

thanks in advance.


there is no service center near by & i m thinking to buy mi4

what should i do? buy or not

plz reply…

& if i bought the phone could i fix the problems


HI, i am unable to find the hidden pics from mi4. In order to hide the pics it asked to enable internet, but am unable to find the images neither in mi cloud nor in my phone.

I had selected the pics and hid them, help me recover them.

I have another issue, the in built location finder of the mi4, for unknown calls is totally rubbish, is there any idea to over come this issue,..?


Massage sending option not working in my mi4 .wat is the solution please…


i am unable to review the clicked photos in camera option and even cannot view in gallery option…

only i can view the pics clicked by me , when i connect the device with my laptop…

kindly provide the best solution for ..it….


I want to know why whats app hike and any other apps are not notifying me about new message’s ,, pls help pe foh that


Unable to open/view and download attachments (word and pdf) from my gmail app. this suddenly happened after I updated my Xiaomi mi4 with the setting update I got from the company’s software. Pls help.


I bought mi4i before

2 months. My mi4i has a signal problem.Whin I was calling to others, suddenly both towers has gone. The signal towers again comes after 3 mins. Wat should I do? Pls suggest me.



bought my Mi 4 for 5monts + , now , when i was charging my phone , i switched on my phone and to my horror i saw my whole screen turned into megapixels , like just dots . I tried switching on and off

and taking out the SIM card but it didnt work . I REALLY NEED HELP

REPLY ASAP . thanks .

Ajesh Rajan

Am also getting same issue on my phone display

since 1 month.

And i done factory reset and. but

no more improvement on display. please

help me out..


I am facing a repetitive problem while making outgoing calls in roaming that this number doesnot exist.i tried at least 20 different numbers. It is one major prblm in roaming that i m facing


My Mi4i phone suddenly

stopped working. Not starting.

Blank screen with mi4i logo. After charging also same issue. Any solution?


Bought Mi4 just yesterday. It hangs out of the blue and no button (back, switch off, etc.) works and the only soln is reboot (Vol up + switch off). Happens on a regular basis.. Have installed only 3-4 apps on the phone yet. Any solution?


Dear Sir,

Last two months i purchased mi4i phone with miui7 5.8.22 update . However my 3G network is very slow and cannot open many apps such as amazon and some online games and also cannot surf internet.

neeraj Agarwal

My Mi4 4 is not getting connected to my home Wifi connection. It is showing authenticating

only. While my Mi4 is getting connected

easily to my office and other Wifi connections.

Similarly my home

Wifi is getting connected to other mobiles and PC, at times it also connects with my Mi4. Please give solution.


i’m using xiomi Mi4. i am facing problem with my back button did not functioning suddenly. can anybody help me plsss plss plss…

pushpendra kumar

I am facing the volume problem which is very slow even after increasing it.

Please help me out for it.


I have bought Mi4 mobile from Airtel Shop. But, after a month the front camera is not working properly. When I use the front camera the image becomes blurred(not clear). So, please help me in giving solution.


I recently bought MI4I.and Im finding issues connectiong whatsapp and facebook messenger when on mobile data. whereas when i connect my mobile to pc I’m able to use it. However google play woks smoothly on mobile data. Please help me fix dis up… Thanks in advance


I also faced the same issue. Now i am getting all notifications after i change few settings.

1) Make sure Whatsapp allow notification is marked.

2) In Security app > go to permissions-> Autostart>select google installer and other apps (whatsapp, FB, Hangouts, Skype) whichever the app you are not getting notification and Restart.

Hope this will solve many people issue.


Help! I cannot open my text messages. What can I do?

Mokaxwa Fillemon

My phone just went off when I was reading a message, then it shown that starting icon for mi, but it took a while (more than) 5 minutes, I decided to switch it off, from that I doesn’t want to switch on anymore, until now, please help.

kuldeep sharma

my Mi4i mobile don’t working in anyone network , i already check the sim holder it’s ok read the sim card but network signal is off..

i already flashing any roms but still don’t working.

plese resolve my problem asap.


kuldeep sharma


I have bought MI4 yesterday. my whatsapp notification gets disabled after screen lock. when i open whatsapp then I receive all messages. I get

all notifications like mails even screen locks, so no mobile data problem. only whatsapp notification get disabled when screen locks,eplease help me!


I bought a new mi4 yesterday from flipkart. It was miui 6. But after I connected it to WiFi miui 7.0.5 software update started taking place automatically. It was updated to miui 7. Till here there was no problem. But the update was finished I was changing the wallpaper and the phone restarted. First I thought that I would be normal. So after restarting I opened the lock and and it started restarting again. And now its getting restarted again and again every minute. What should I do..?? Plzz help me out of this…


Sir, I have bought the mi4i 3 months ago. now it just will not start, on the screen just display logo of mi (on the middle of the screen) until the battery used up. please help


I got an MI4 last week and configured it. All my apps except facebook is connecting. And as mentioned in all the above posts, signal reception is very bad. I however see that it doesnt affect other apps like whatsapp, youtube etc . I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling facebook app. still doesnt connect. Please help!


My mi4 is dead.i put it last night on charging..in morning i found,it is not responding at all.no led light is there..i put whole day onn charging…no response at all..still cant turned on my phone..what should i do now


I found its a big prob with mi phones..mostly users sufferd by this prob…please help me out..

tanu dhiman

hello, i habe faced problem regarding net.,in mi 4 It is working properly with wifi.but wid 2g or 3g ,only wtsapp is working.plz resolve mu issue asap,its a humble request


In roaming lost signals n stuck wid dis problem


How to manually add any wifi in Xiaomi mi4.Currently i couldn’t find any such option in advance settings also



Recently got a device from a friend, when I add sim card it is not detecting, and when I run *#06# it days invalid imei number.

Any help will be much appreciated

Muthu Krishnan


I have bought mi4i today itself.But my problem is that i can’t surf.

frank castelino

I have booked and received Mi 4i from snapdeal on 16th of Nov. Right from day one im not able to get network connectivitiy for my AIRTEL SIM, which works perfectly fine on other mobile sets. Trhroughout the day i have tried all the options available or inserting a diff sim and rebooting. But the problem still persist.

Kindly assist me in resolving this issue at hand.


hello ! i am using mi4i mobile phone with vodafone 3G network.first one month there was no problem but from last few days there are some issue with the internet connection..my internet has become very slow .i am unable to connect apps like facebook and what’s app.


Boufour days back. The screen suddenly fa, flickering and showing there vertical strips as background of icons.