Yamaha YSP 4300 Review – Best Soundbar

The Yamaha YSP 4300 provides a true, high quality 7.1 surround sound system in an attractive package. The package includes a slim sound bar that projects audio from the room walls. The timing and perceived direction from the Yamaha soundbar YSP 4300 sound is developed by an array of 22 speaks using the best Yamaha soundbar intellibeam technology.

Yamaha ysp 4300

Yamaha sound system also provides a wireless connected sub-woofer unit. This delivers a bass with the punch to bring another dimension to gaming and movie soundtracks.

  • The Yamaha YSP 4300 is filled with special features as follows:
  • Yamaha-exclusive technology provides true (not virtual) 7.1-channel surround sound
  • Array speakers (22) with 2 commanding woofers makeup Yamaha soundbars
  • Subwoofer connection is wireless, allowing unlimited location selection
  • Bass provided by YST technology giving strong and commanding soundHDMI (four in / one out) with 4K pass through, 3D and CEC capability.
  • Convenient front USB connection for mobile phones, tablets and other devices.
  • A wireless accessory allows remote connection for mobile phones and tablets.
  • The soundbar has a low profile to easily position at the front of a television.
  • Mount with an optional wall bracket (SPM-K20)A repeater provided for the TV remote control
  • Yamaha selects the best field of sound with Intellibeam technology
  • Preset 40 FM tuner stations.
  • Save energy using ECO function
  • Save 3 of your preferred settings with the memory function
  • View the sound system menu on screen selectable from 9 languages
  • Custom installation functions: extended IR, RS-232 C (RJ 12), IR in and IR pass-through out

From the features above, it can be concluded that Yamaha YSP 4300 is purposely designed to give the best for the customers. It is said for good reasons. The first one is to give audio listeners the easiness of operating a compact and simple unit.

The absolute proof of this can be considered from HDMI video switching, iPod control, and DTS HD master audio. Also don’t forget about the other features like IR Blaster option and FM radio. From a single and centered speaker array, ones can experience the irreplaceable quality of surround sound. The ysp-4300 listeners are promised to get the sound from the surround channels in reality manners.

Yamaha has done their homework to create such great sound bar. The key of reality sound experience is that the surround channels which are projected to the sides of the room, bounced off the walls. And in few microseconds, they will reach your ears from the side and back. It is not hard to get the picture of this. In fact, a user can read the diagrams included in Yamaha YSP 4300 manual.

The outstanding advantage of Yamaha YSP 4300 is the unique bar design which features the subwoofer, dynamic speakers and small woofers. This is the realization of delivering high quality sound experience, which most of audio lovers were fond of.Judging from the overall construction, it sounds durable and sturdy enough for regular use. And let’s not neglect the fact that it comes from Yamaha, the giant manufacturer that has been delivering remarkable line of units.

For yamaha sound bar price, it costs $1,799.95 in Amazon with FREE Shipping. To get the yamaha ysp 4300 best price, you may want to do a little research and comparison from one site to another.

YSP 4300 Design

The YSP 4300 is designed in such a manner that the sound bounces off the walls giving a surround system like feeling, this is done by using an arrangement of drivers. This is an amazing thing about this sound bar that it gives you the feeling of a surround system without several speakers mounted here and there.The previous models of Yamaha, the YSP-4100 and YSP-5100 were pretty good as compared to the sound bars released at that time but the Yamaha YSP-4300 is arguably the best tv sound bar.

In contrary to the former models this one comes with a subwoofer. Few people who are minimalist and like the sound bar because of its one single packaging might not like the extra box, but its a wireless subwoofer so you can place it anywhere out of your sight. Now that the bass is dealt separately by a subwoofer this makes the design of the sound bar more slim. The shape is designed in such a manner that it can stride a TV pedestal stand or an IR repeater, which will stop it from getting in between your remote signals. The design is is simple and sleek and can easily become a part of your setup.

Sound Quality

It just takes few minutes to set it up with the bundled mic attached, the Yamaha YSP-4300 has been calibrated to serve the best sound for its users’ listening position. As soon as you play a movie or any content you’ll notice how the sound fills up your whole room from the leading sides and create an engaging environment. Talking about the performance of the subwoofer it gives an extensive bass which mixes up smoothly with the sound produced by the sound bar.

If you are watching an action movie you’ll notice the bass gives a powerful bottom end feel to the scenes where its needed.If you are a gamer then this will definitely live up to your expectations, the sound will fill up your whole room and you’ll experience the game more better, this will be a an amazing change for gamers who have been formerly using flat screen speakers.

Its truly a great model for gaming because it adds detail to every sound track, playing action games or speeding games really makes the experience life like. When it comes to audio this model might disappoint you a little, its a good experience with this sound bar’s surround system like feel but that make sthe stereo signal processor a bit thick which results in adding quite a number of expansion, but that also creates timing, connectivity and focus.

Final Verdict

It might not give the best when it comes to music but when it comes to other stuff especially movies then the Yamaha YSP 4300 does remarkably well. If you want to make your sound system more better then you can add HD audio decoding and 3D and 4k pass through of video, which will add up to the great performance of your sound bar. You can also make your audio sound better by keeping it on virtual surround mode and use your phone as a source, this is better than keeping it at stereo mode which dis balanced the range of tones so some notes and instruments are highlighted while some are pushed back.

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