How to Get More Subscribers using Exclusive Youtube Subscribers Button

youtube subscribers button

Not an “easy” button…but pretty darn close. When you use YouTube for business, you need simple tools to help people subscribe to your channel. This YouTube subscribers button, custom made and free right now, will do the trick!

Who other than a video marketing expert would think to custom design a YouTube subscribe button that his members can use to build their business online? In the crowded field of online marketing, it’s hard to find the true innovators and leaders…unless you know where to look.

You may be wondering WHY you need YouTube subscribers for your business.

As you are aware, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet. And the company that owns them, a little site called Google, is the 1st largest search engine.Knowing this relationship alone, can you see the benefits of using YouTube and video marketing to promote your business?

And, YouTube is also a social community sharing the social media neighborhood with sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Pinterest. People don’t just go to YouTube and watch videos passively in a way that many people watch television. Viewers on YouTube actually engage with each other, comment on videos, like and share what they enjoy.

And, when they subscribe to your YouTube channel, they are alerted every time you load a new video to the site.

This means that your potential customers will have an easier time remembering you and your business and videos because they have asked to be notified when you’ve got something new to share.

Think about the power behind that. This is permission marketing, on steroids, powered by Google. Can it get any better than that?

Absolutely. The more people that subscribe to your YouTube channel, the more authority that YouTube gives to the videos that you post. This is the element of social proof that comes into play when the sites algorithms decide which videos to place in those top spots on the search result rankings.

In addition, there is a little thing called personalized search that is becoming more and more important in Video SEO. So, when you or someone you know is looking for a video on a certain topic, Google will consider a video that you or your friends “like” or channel that they subscribe to will be seen as a better choice to place in search rankings for you. Why? Because humans tend to be friends with people that have similar tastes, likes and interests. So if your friend likes a certain video or channel…then those search engines will think that you will too.

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