Zenhaven Mattress Review

Zenhaven is a product of Saatva the innerspring mattress. It is a latex mattress different from their Loom &Leaf memory foam. For some years now Saatva have captured the hearts of many consumers making the company one of the largest online-only luxury mattress brands in the United States. Does Zenhaven feels like you’re in heaven when sleeping let’s check it out below.

The Mattress

The top cover is an organic cotton circular knit top panel with 1″ layer of organic New Zealand wool with the natural flame retardant layer while the label is custom embroidered.

The inner layer 10″ which is composed of 1.5″ layer of 5-zone variable-density which is 100% Talalay latex (N2), 3″ layer of 100% Talalay latex (N4), 3″ layer of 100% Talalay latex (N3), 1.5″ layer of 5-zone variable-density and luxury-plush 100% Talalay latex (N1).

If you’d notice the top and bottom layer has the same thickness and has 5-zone variable density this is the unique feature of Zenhaven which offers two different comfort levels into a single mattress. When you flip it you’ll experience luxury plush and a gently firm on the other side.

The Price

A twin size will cost you $1299 while a California king is priced at $2499. You can choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. You have an option to buy a foundation and they offer a nationwide in home delivery set up for free.

Warranty and Return Policy

Saatva offers a non-prorated warranty period of 20 years. If in case deemed defective for the first 2 years the company will replace your Zenhaven with a brand new mattress. In the next years 3-20, the company will completely repair and re-cover your Zenhaven mattress with just transportation costs of $99 each way. Saatva offers 75 day home trial for the Zenhaven mattress. If in case you found out that Zenhaven is not right for you during your75-day home trial, just give them a call and it can be returned for a full prompt refund of the purchase price but less the original delivery fee.

Thoughts to ponder

Zenhaven is immensely different from most mattresses that I have reviewed. It is 100% latex and most mattresses in the market are mixture of memory and latex foam. The curve effect on your body is different as it is not just as remarkable as you would get with memory foam. Latex does not mold to the exact curves of your body. You won’t get a bear hug feeling as such you won’t feel sinking on it and you can easily move.

Zenhaven has five (5) distinct zones of density, providing you with firmer support beneath the torso and shoulders. This gives you a total pressure free support on your spinal alignment.


Zenhaven has created a suitable for almost every individual. Through its breakthrough idea of flipping they delivered a two in one design mattress. I recommend it to those who want to avoid entrapment inside the mattress. Since the mattress offers the right level of sinkage and pressure relief. You will want this mattress if you prefer a foam mattress with more bounce and better cooling. I hope I have answered some of your queries regarding the Zenhaven. As always the review is based on owner’s experience. Thank you for reading!

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