10 Best Earphones Under 500 Rs in 2016 ( For Bass Lovers)

10 Best Earphones Under 500 Rs in 2016 ( For Bass Lovers)

Are you looking for best earphone for your mobile? Are you confused between so many earphones? Then relax, sit back and read this article, I have worked hard to find all the best earphones under 500 Rs for bass lovers in 2016 available in India.

I prefer bass over treble. Don’t expect excellent bass from an earphone under 500Rs. These earphones are good for regular use with decent bass.

If you want the best output from any earphone, then you should know how to set equaliser. Usually, mobiles have a five band equaliser. To increase bass level raise up the first two bands. To change treble level change the position of the last band usually, the 5th band.

3rd and the 4th band are for vocals. Mid bands used to increase and decrease volume. Typically, I listen high bass, low treble, and low volume music. So I raise the first two bands and lower down the rest bars in the equalizer.

I have used all the earphones given below. Based on that experience, I have compiled this list of

which you can buy online and offline.

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10 Best Earphones Under 500 Rs ( Earbuds for Bass Lovers)

Most of the earphones mentioned below are Earbud type. So they have an extra advantage over regular earphones. Earbuds help to reduce the external noise. You will get a better music experience while traveling or in the noisy area.

I prefer earbuds and also recommend you to use the same. But if don’t like earbuds or if you have any other issue with them. Then it’s ok, in below list, I have also mentioned three earphones without buds.

JBL T100A is the best earphone that is available in 500 Rs budget. I have been using this headset for past one year. It has good bass and treble. It comes with three different size buds. You can switch over to different sizes.

It has built in microphone which is a plus point for it. This earphone come with the 1.1 m long cord. Like most earphones, it also has 3.5mm audio jack. You can plug it to mobiles, tablets, mp3 players, and laptops.

I have used JBL T100A with a lot of devices; it works fine. I don’t get any compatibility issue. Besides all these fantastic features, it comes with one-year warranty. You can buy it online from Flipkart.

Direct link to merchant site is given below. Prices may go a little up or down. Usually, this model is priced at 600 Rs to 650 Rs. When I bought this earphone, it was priced at 540Rs on Flipkart.

Philips  SHQ1200 Action fit earphone is for all those who don’t like earbuds going deep in ear. Philips has designed this headset in such a way that it gets fitted to every type of ear. It has sturdy and long lasting finish.

This earphone is mainly for sports persons. You can use them during the workout, jogging and playing other sports. According to Philips, these earphones are rain proof and sweat proof up to a limit.

It has anti-slip rubber caps that keep the headphone in the ear during jerks. You will get a 100cm long cord to connect it to your mobile or mp3 player. It has 13.5mm driver and comes with six months warranty by Phillips. The microphone is not available. In the box, you will get carrying pouch, 3 Choices of Ear Cap Sizes ( S, M and L Caps ).

Skullcandy is known for quality earphones and headphones. This one is Skullcandy’s entry level earphone. It has an amazing stereo effect. But remember one thing, this model doesn’t have a mic.

It has 1.2m cord length. It just weighs 14gm. It comes with 10mm driver for bass output. You will get 1-year warranty by Skullcandy India.

If you are a Sony fan, then go with this product. It won’t disappoint you. But I will still recommend you the JBL T100A as both have the same price. These JBL earphones are more sturdy.

Quick Specifications

I have an excellent experience with Philips. I have used Philips trimmers, headphones, earphones, speakers and led lights. Talking about the Philips SHE3590BK/98 Earphones, they are amazing earphones. Earbuds are very small and easily fits in your ears.

It doesn’t have a mic which is a little disappointment about this earphone. But still, it is a good buy for all who wants to buy the best earphone under 500 Rs.

It has 1.2m cord length which is enough for day to day use. It has 3 interchangeable ear caps. It has limited 6-months warranty.

This one is an epic earphone by the Creative company. You can easily get it around 300 to 400 Rs. One of my friends is using this model. He is very happy with it. In fact, I have suggested him this earphone.

It has magnificent bass but not deep type. It’s ok; we should not expect deep bass by a low-cost earphone.

Quick Specifications

Such a complex model number Anyways lets come back to the earphone. You will get it around 400 Rs, and it is worth every penny that you pay.

It has a 1.1m long cord. It doesn’t have inbuilt microphone for voice calling. It comes with 9mm bass driver which produces fairly enough bass to enhance the music quality.

You will get three ear caps along with the earphone. It has six months warranty by Panasonic in India.

Philips she3900bk is available in various colors. It looks premium and sturdy, but it fails to defeat the above earphones regarding music quality. If you want stylish, then go with this one.

Quick Specifications

It has soft and comfortable rubber earbuds. Earbuds design is unique. No extra ear caps are given along with this earphone. There is no option to detach earbuds from the earphone. It won’t cost you much; you will get it around 300 to 350Rs.

Quick Specifications

This earphone is amazing. It is the cheapest good music quality headset. Usually, it is priced between 100 to 150 Rs. You will get decent audio output. If you are looking for best earphone under 200 Rs, then choose no one other than Philips she1360/97.

Quick Specifications

So above are the ten best earphones( earbuds) under 500 Rs in India. First, three earphones may cost you a little more than 500 Rs, but they are worth it. But if you have a tight budget then below seven earphones will fit your requirement.

If you have some suggestions, questions, or confusion, then comment down below. We will try to sort them out as soon as possible.


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I want to buy one budget-oriented earphones around 500rs. I m looking for good build quality, great sound quality, little bit bass, comfort and of course it should be have durability bcoz I want to use it for a long time. In sum up I want best one in this price segment.I am little bit confused about mi basic, Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 BK, Jbl T100A, Skullcandy S2DUDZ, boat BassHeads 200, House of Marley Little Bird EM-JE061-BK Earphones with Mic. So please suggest me best one among of that. Apart from this if u know batter then this in this range please comment. Help me guys. Thankx in advance.


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