ADVENTURERAS: Meet Roy Christoff…



I had my 3D/4D Ultrasound this morning at OGUSCA (OB-GYN Ultrasound Center Alabang). The procedure is supposed to be done between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy for clearer image of the baby. I’m already 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant but I still tried my luck since I’m sure that I’ll feel guilty if my third son will not have his own 3D/4D UTZ. I don’t want him question me in the future why he didn’t have it unlike his older twin brothers. Let’s just say that I wanted to be FAIR. Hehe. =)

Honestly speaking, when I first found out about the gender of my baby, I’m quite disappointed since I’m really wishing for a baby girl. I don’t feel excited anymore until I saw his 3D image the first time. He literally kept on smiling at us! His smile melted my heart. He was like saying to me “Mommy, I will give you joy also!”.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Roy Chirstoff G. Padua…

He really seems to be a happy and active baby. Another chubby-cheeked “baba-less” (no chin) bouncing baby boy!

Maybe you are curious to know how the Kulilits look like in their 3D UTZ. ┬áHere they were when they were 28weeks and 5 days…

By the way, I went with hubby and the Kulilits. The Kulilits were thrilled to see their little baby brother. In fact, they were mimicking what Christoff was doing.

Look here…

Aren’t the twins adorable?

Anyway, I’ll upload clearer 3D images of Christoff as soon as I get the CD from OGUSCA.

I hope that you’re glad to meet Christoff too! =)

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