ADVENTURERAS: Papa G’s Birthday Celebration at Sambokojin



We celebrated my father’s birthday at Sambokojin in SM Southmall last Sunday. Naging favorite resto na namin ito since we tried it. Very affordable naman kasi and ang daming choices eh.

Here is the facade of Sambokojin. Ang laki di ba? Kahit malaki na siya, sa sobrang daming tao na kumakain, pila pa rin.

Here is their menu board which contains the pictures of the food that you can see inside the resto and the price per head.

Here are some of the pictures that I took inside. Sorry kung medyo konti na lang ang food kasi malapit na ang closing when we ate there eh.

Their assorted sushi… Dito ako nakarami, payborit ko kasi ang california maki eh. Hehehe. Ang dami talagang assortment ng sushi nila. And take note, may uni sila ha.

Yakiniku ingredients…

Tempura selections…


Desserts… Don’t try their cakes. Hindi masarap for me, they are dry.

The birthday celebrant…

Kita naman sa face ng dad ko na he is happy di ba? Mukha bang 58 na yan? Mukha lang forties di ba?

The kulilits with their Tito Ninong Paolo. Sobrang hyper nila that time. Paano ba naman pinakain ni Mama G ng ice cream eh.

That’s all folks!

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