14 Things to Text Your Husband that will make him Smile :)

Do you ever have those moments where you just want to let your Man know how much he means to you? When he’s at work and I’m sitting at home not doing anything taking a break from all the chaos, sometimes I think about the hubs and want to let him know I’m thinking of him.
“I Love You” just seems so generic sometimes, and I really want to put a smile on his face! Especially if he’s having a not-so-wonderful day, I hope I can lift his spirits a little bit until he’s able to come home.
My husband and I attended a Love & Respect conference by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, gosh, 2 years ago? It seems like it’s been forever forever, but I still remember and try to keep in practice several of the things we learned there.
One was how to be PROACTIVE in your marriage in order to keep the “Crazy Cycle” at bay! Read more about this here. Women need LOVE & Men need RESPECT.
How do you let your husband know you respect him? I’ve come up with a list of texts you can send your husband to convey just that! I challenge you to send one per day for the next 14 days, and see how it impacts your marriage! 🙂
  • “I’m thinking of you! Smile if you’re thinking of me, too!”
  • “I love you to the moon and back!” “You’re my (our) hero!”
  • “Thank you for working hard to provide for our family today.” “I wish you were here with me (us).”
  • “Today, I’m thanking God for your _______.” (wisdom, patience, humor, muscles haha…whatever trait you love about him most)
  • “I’m praying for you right now. How can I pray for you today?”
  • “Tonight: The couch, me & you, popcorn! Deal?”
  • “You’re better than the best. I’m lucky just to linger in your light, Cooler than the flip side of my pillow…” -Smile
  • One word ‘Tonight?” 😉 A kiss: “Mwah!” or a kissing Emoji “XOXOXO”
  • Send him a memory “Remember that time…… Wish we could do that again!” Ask his advice on something.
  • Tell him you’re proud of him for the person he is.
  • Tell him 3 reasons why you appreciate him today.
  • Tell him he’s a good man.
  • Thank him for being himself.
  • Tell him you’ve got a special treat for him when he gets home, and bake (or buy) his favorite snack, drink, occasional indulgence.

What About You? How do you try to convey Love & Respect in your marriage?

Aly Chiman

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