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Promotion:     Kevin Yost (i! Records, Lost & Found / Washington, D.C.)

One of the biggest names of the deep house with jazzy influences, the american DJ and producer Kevin Yost learned very early how to develop his artistic inclinations. Under a musical background built mainly on his father’s taste, Yost felt in love with Jazz sounds and became a drummer, but the emerging electronic music scene seduced him some time later, and his attention turned to be on the keyboards.

Some time later, he became a local DJ on his neighbor and school parties. Through his works, he saved some money and built his own studio with a drum machine, a sequencer and a keyboard.

His incredible creative potential drove him to study music on the Berkley College of Music, and later on the Shenandoah Conservatory. Focused specially on composition and percussion, he learned the ways of a sound that represented a fusion between Jazz and the electronic side (essentially house music). At the time he concluded his studies, Yost was able to begin his producer journey, helded by very strong equipment.

His entrance door was the New Jersey label i! Records through where he released very interesting works, but the breaking point was “One Starry Night”, the great anthem of the genre, with more than 50.000 copies sold.

This called the attention of the big labels and well-known artists, and so Yost started to work for musicians and bands such as Everything But The Girl, Eric Clapton, Cirque du Soleil and the Kodo Drummers. Mostly at the same time, he released other good music through Guidance Recordings and Distance, and created an interesting partnership with Peter Funk (the Big Sexy, for example).

Highly estimated by his public and the critics, he became a regular on many international events and festivals throughout the World. This year Kevin has again challenged himself and endeavored to create a completely Live show called “Live & Improvised”. Every show is different, the music is made up live on the spot. The pure energy of the crowd drives the spontaneous creation

of music.

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