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»Awesome resource for tech supportI think it’s so cool that now even home computer users can benefit from services like .  I have had my share of computer issues and usually I just take it into the local computer store for service. The guys there are reliable and friendly and they always do a great job.  But what if there was no local store?  I know there are some very small towns out there who might not have a computer shop.  Or what if I had like a broken arm or what if I lost one in combat or what if I had terrible carpal tunnel syndrome or some other physical ailment that would prevent me from unhooking my desktop computer to carry it into the store?  Then what?  When you hear the words  you might think of some geeky computer technician coming over to your house,right?  Most geeks are fine but you wouldn’t want a geek of unknown capabilities sitting at your desk,or would you?  The cool thing about modern online computer repair,like   is that you just log into their website and authorize the tech to access your computer from their location.  They can get rid of viruses and do some database repair and speed up your computer and whatever else they have access to with that method.  Sometimes it can be so fast. And you can watch everything they’re doing,too. Anyway,I think it’s cool and maybe you will,too.  Have fun

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