Contract Killer Sniper Apk + Data + MOD 3.0.1

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is an action game that combines moments in first and third person, in which players control a professional murderer. Our goal would be to accept the different missions that provide us all over the world, and try to complete them successfully. In

players will find a good variety of missions. In some our goal will be to eliminate a single target using a sniper rifle. In other missions, however, we have to launch into direct action with a machine gun; or attempting to plant a bomb. Depending on the type of mission that we face we can use a weapon or another. At our disposal we have a huge arsenal of machine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles, which also can improve. Even throwing knives will have for those times when you need stealth. The control system

is fairly intuitive, so you can aim the gun by sliding your finger across the screen, and we will have virtual buttons to move from one side to another, out of coverage, pointing out the peephole, and of course shoot.

is an outstanding action game with a very good visuals, and a huge number of missions, enemies and weapons. The game system also is perfectly suited to touchscreen Devices.

Contract Killer Sniper



Eliminate a mob of enemies, destroy entire bases or take out the single target that matters most. The next objective is up to you.


Take on over 250 missions and campaigns with unique goals. Stake out targets from long-range, take them down with well-placed shots, assault enemy bases head on or infiltrate enemy lines without compromising your identity.


Upgrade your weapons and base defenses to protect your stash. Load up on sniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy guns, tesla guns, rocket launchers, throwing knives, med kits, armor, and more.


Assault other players’ bases, steal their resources, and become the undisputed champion of PvP.


Choose your path through each mission and use cover to your advantage. Disable sentry guns, detonate explosive objects and avoid incoming fire.


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