(TRIO-(Schneider Electric

For dependable professional data radio communications in SCADA and Telemetry systems at the lowest possible cost, the

solution is Trio DataCom’s MR450.

Highly versatile, the compact MR450 has price/performance optimized versions to suit the widely varying needs of such typical

applications as fresh or waste water management and industrial control automation. Rugged construction and full -30C to +60C

operational capability make it suitable for the harshest environments.

Even though it comes at a low price, the simplex/half duplex MR450 has the most commonly sought-after features, yet is still easy to

configure and use. Where additional system features may be required, Trio DataCom offers it’s compatible E Series – the world’s most

advanced family of data radio products.

The MR450 is complemented by matching full duplex base and repeater stations, including a redundant hot standby version. Local and

remote diagnostics are optionally available to assist in commissioning and troubleshooting.

M Series

Remote Data Radio – MR450



– 400-520 MHz operation

– 0.1 to 5 watt transmitter output power

– Software selectable Tx and Rx frequencies

– Simplex or half duplex operation with any Tx-Rx splits

– One model suitable for 12.5 and 25 kHz channel spacing

– Synthesized digital data radio design

– Professional N Type antenna connector

Data Modem

– Separate versions for 9600 bps or 2400/4800 bps

over-air data rates

– Fully integrated DSP based data modem

– High data integrity – CRC error checking

– User configurable 300-19,200 bps asynch RS-232 port

– Transparent 3 wire RS-232 user interface

– Intelligent transmitter control – auto Tx on data

– Compatible with most industry standard data protocols,

e.g., MODBUS, DNP-3, IEC 870-5-101 etc.

Network Management and Remote

Diagnostic option (In conjunction with TVIEW+™ Software)

– Local or remote access

– Separate simultaneous local diagnostics/configuration



– Operation from -30 to +60 °C

– Hazardous Environment Certification – Class I, Division II

(Groups A,B,C and D)

– 13.8 Vdc supply voltage

– Low power consumption

– Compact footprint

– Rugged die-cast alloy chassis

– Multi function LED status display

– Windows based configuration software

Innovative and sophisticated

digital communications

designs product s and solutionsRadio

Frequency Range: 395-465 MHz or

450-520 MHz

Frequency Splits: Various Tx/Rx

frequency splits – programmable

Channel Selection: 6.25 kHz channel step

Channel Spacing: One model suitable for

12.5 and 25 kHz

Frequency Accuracy: ±1.5ppm

(-30 to 60°C) (-22 to 140°F) ambient

Aging: <= 1ppm/annum Operational Modes: Simplex and Half duplex Configuration: All configuration via Windows based software Compliances: FCC PART 15, PART 90 IC RS119, ICES-001 ACA AS4295-1995 (Data) ETSI EN300 113 CSA Class I, Division II, Groups (A,B,C,D) for Hazardous Locations (ANSI/UL equivalent) Transmitter Tx Power: 0.1 to 5W (+20 to +37 dBm) ±1 dB software adjustable Modulation: Narrow band GMSK Timeout Timer: Programmable 0-255 seconds Tx Spurious: <= -30 dBm PTT Control: Auto (Data) / RTS line Receiver Sensitivity: -116 dBm for 12 dB SINAD Intermodulation: Better than 65 dB Spurious Response: Better than 70 dB Mute: Programmable digital mute Diagnostics (Optional) Non intrusive local and remote (automatic) diagnostics - runs simultaniously with user data Local and remote measurement of Tx Power, Rx Signal Strength, DC Volts and Internal Temperature. Connections User Data Ports: DB9 female port wired as DCE (modem). (Separate connections on DB9 for simultaneous User and Diagnostic Data) Antenna: N female bulkhead Power: 2 pin screw locking (mating connector supplied) LED Display: Multimode LED Indicators for Pwr, Tx, Rx, Sync, Data Port TxD and RxD dataModem Data Serial Port: RS232, DCE, 300-19,200 bps asynchronous Diagnostics Connection: RS232, 19,200 bps asynchronous Data Interface: 3 wire data interface. (TxD, RxD & GND). RF carrier driven DCD output for collision management. Analog Interface: TX/RX Analog interface for external FSK/FFSK modems. RF Channel Data Rate:Three models:- 2400/4800 bps (MR450-x001-xx) or 4800/9600 bps (MR450-x002-xx) or 9600 bps (MR450-x003-xx) FCC Data Buffer: 8 kbyte of on-board RAM Bit Error Rate: < 1x10-6 @ -115 dBm (2400 bps) < 1x10-6 @ -114 dBm (4800 bps) < 1x10-6 @ -106 dBm (9600 bps) General Power Supply: 13.8 Vdc nominal (10-16 Vdc) Transmit Current: 600 mA nom. @ 1 W 1500 mA nom. @ 5 W Receive Current: <170 mA nominal Dimensions: Solid Diecast Alloy Housing 154 x 102 x 29 mm (6.1 x 4.1 x 1.2 inches) Mounting: Integral Solid Diecast feet Weight: 0.32 kg (0.71 lbs)Options TVIEW+™ Configuration, Network Management and Diagnostic Windows GUI Software DIAGS/M Remote Diagnostics Facilities per Radio Modem Related Products EB450 Base Station* EH450 Hot Standby Base Station* * Configured for M Series compatibility به سایت عضو پارک علم و فنـــاوری خراسان شما اینجا هستید:  آفرینش سیستم هـــــای پویــــا Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved. Creation of dynamic systems co. کلیه حقوق این سایت مربوط به شرکت آفرینش سیستم های پویا می باشد و هرگونه استفاده غیر مجاز از مطالب پیگرد قانونی دارد