21+ Best YOPmail Alternatives to Create Temp Emails

YOPmail is an online service that offers disposable or temporary email addresses. These temporary email addresses are helpful and you don’t need to give your actual/real email address to someone for spam activities.

Basically when we register on any site they usually asks for email ID and giving our ID to someone not relevant can be harmful.

However, YOPmail is not only such service and there are many alternatives to it, though some of them are not well known but they do the same thing.

But first, we will talk about how YOPmail can help you or protect you.

How does YOPmail can help?

Most of the sites on the Internet sells our details such as email address, name, password etc and their buyers use these details to send spams, such as promotional spam.

Many such sites always ask you to confirm your email address to prove your identity or simply to confirm that you really have access to its inbox. So that they can be sure that they can enter into your inbox with spam kind of things.

We can only say that they confirm that the door they want to get in is real or not. If you provide them email that that you don’t have any access and thus can’t verify it, then you couldn’t able to sign up there.

YOPmail generates temporary email address, thus helps you to use it at the time of registering on any websites on the Internet.

That way you were just providing the site fake address, and if they sell your email then you’re still safe as you’ve not actually given your real one.

So, how does it work?

Note: No registration is required to use their service.

As soon as you visit their website, you will be asked to enter a username that means your address will get ‘[email protected]’. Now if someone sends an email to your email address it will be shown in your inbox.

Also remember that the messages will be removed after 8 days.

22 Best YOPmail Alternatives List:

1.  Crazy Mailing

Crazy Mailing is one of the best alternatives of YOPmail, it offers almost all of the features of it + an extra advantage.

The first advantage is that you can send emails to anyone, while YOPmail not allows this, but in it you can send messages to another YOPmail user without exposing your identity. And thank god their emails doesn’t land on SPAM/TRASH folder.

With Crazy Mailing you can even forward their email address to your real one, so that people will send emails to their email ID but it will be forwarded to you then.

You can use their extra features after login through one of your social accounts.

2. Dropmail

Dropmail is one of the impressive free temporary email services, the thing that’s interesting about Dropmail is its forwarding feature.

With this feature you can forward out the Dropmail’s temporary address to your real one for permanent or for any period of time.

The feature is helpful when you want to use your real email address but don’t want to disclose it directly to someone. So this feature somehow is very useful.

The another feature that Dropmail has is multiple emails at the same time. As I said it, with this feature you’re just clicking that “+” button on the website, and the email addresses are adding up simultaneously.

3. Mytemp.email

With very good looking dashboard Mytemp.email looks very awesome. When you visit their website you will see “Start Here” button, and after clicking that you will be redirected to your dashboard.

And here you will get your temporary address that you can use online anywhere.

With them you can even message someone with your temp id, your id will be disposed after 24 hours and no one can see your messages as you will be given a unique id.

4. 20 Minute Mail

20MM is different than 10MM as it has more features than it. With 20MM you can use your own custom named email address which can be helpful to give it a memorable look.

Just like Dropmail, 20MM also has forwarding feature, however, you can only use this feature as a registered member. But don’t worry because it’s free to make an account there.

5. Guerrilla Mail

From 2006, Guerilla Mail has been there, it offers many domain extensions, for example, any-name@This is called domain extension..

And essential features such as custom username, compose etc. The great thing about this free online service is that you can even use your own domain name, thus can make an email address through that.

However, this is another thing that it’s premium feature, and you have to pay $9.99 USD/year.

They even have an Android app so that you can use their service with your Android device too. You can download the app from play store.

6. Mailinator

Mailinator is a freemium option for you, that means they have free as well as paid plans. In their free plan you don’t have to register, and you can use any custom username you want with their domain extension.

After free one “The Email Tester” is there starting plan ($29 USD/per month). In this plan you can even have a private domain, can save emails, 10MB Storage, 2000 emails/day and API access.

The other plan is best one for enterprises, they named it “The Enterprises Plan” it costs you $129 USD per month. It’s just little up in resources than their Email Tester plan.

7. Getairmail

Getairmail is just another free disposable email service that helps you to keep your email address safe from being getting into spammers’ hands.

Its user interface is very simple, easy to understand and clean. It generates addresses randomly, and you can copy it to your clipboard with a single click.

The another thing is that Getairmail is available in 11 languages. That means you can use it in your language.

This is the list of available languages:

  • español
  • 日本語
  • français
  • Deutsch
  • اردو
  • Italiano
  • Pусский
  • Polski
  • Português
  • עברית
  • **English

8. Dipostable

Dispostable is just a very simple service for this. Their website has no ads (at least I’ve not seen), and has straight to the work user interface.

And Just like many of the above temporary email services you can pick any username with Dispostable too. Also remember that unread messages older than 3 days are automatically deleted by Dispostable.

9. 10 Minute Mail

As its name suggests 10 Minute Mail gives you a 10 minute mail address, it generates mail ID its own, and if you want to expand the time then you can use that cycle button to do that.

It looks simple and does the work what it suppose to do and made for. To copy out the address you can click on the page icon, and can copy it.

10. Fake inbox

Fake Inbox has transparent GUI that help you to generate emails with any username and with their domain extension.

It gives you 60 minutes of time, and after that it will expire. However, you can generate 60 minutes again, and even can delete the email address after your gets work completed.

11. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is one of my favorites. Very less sites have blocks their mails unlike others whose emails are blocked by everyone other site.

There are four button on your left-hand side, you can even change your username and domain extension. Their site also loads fast, and I think it’s one of the best options for temporary emails.

12. Mailnesia

Mailnesia is build with Perl programming language, it has one of the interesting features.

Whenever you register for any site that needs your email for verification, you can use mailnesia because as soon as mail arrives in the inbox. Mailnesia automatically click on confirmation link(s).

That also saves your time of opening mail and clicking on the link manually.

13. Spamgourmet

Spamgourmet protects your email address from spammers, but in a different way. What it does is forwarding the emails to your real address. There are few more features which are also available in it.

However it doesn’t have any interesting features, but I think it’s still beneficial for those who want to receive emails to their real address but don’t want to expose it openly.

Note: You’ve to create an account to use their service.

14. Fake Mail Generator

I like the interface of Fake Mail Generator, as it looks very simple and cool. Other thing which is good about this service is that their website works with Ajax.

That means you don’t have to refresh/reload the page, just type the username and choose one of their domain extensions, and ta-da it will start showing you emails if you have got any.

15. Mint Email

MintEmail.com is a no-click disposable email system.

By simply visiting this site, you will be assigned a temporary email address. Use it on a website that requires verification and when the message is received it will pop up instantly in this box. Once your email is received, the title bar will be updated.

16. Discard Email

Discard is just like any other email service provider though there is a change. Discard doesn’t require any kind of registration, what you’ve to do is entering the username and selecting the domain, and that’s it.

After that, you will see a dashboard just like Gmail or Yahoo.

From there, you can even send emails to anyone. But do remember that to prevent an abuse of this feature, you can send 15 e-mails to one receiver within one hour.

17. Mailcatch

Mailcatch is running from 2009, and it’s free service as well, however they do have a premium subscription too. It wouldn’t be a good option because the premium subscription only offers two additional features, like Email forwarding and Private Mailcatch Host.

The subscription fee is very low at 3€ / month, which hopefully shouldn’t be too much a drain for most people.

There is no any special or cool feature, and it does the normal work- receiving emails.

18. Mytrashmail

Mytrashmail is one of the oldest players, started out in 1995 (according to their copyright years).

Its some of the features like forwarding,  secure temporary ID could be a big help somehow. Also they have a toolbar for Mozilla Firefox and IE users.

But again, it doesn’t have any big wow features but you can still choose any username and can receive messages- just like normal.

19. Throw away mail

Probably girls would love Throw Away Mail, because their site is painted with pink color. One interesting thing about them is they shows statistics of the last 30 days for the number of emails they’d received between.

If you see the statistics you will find that there are huge numbers of emails they receives everyday. However, the fact is they keep receiving emails from old Ids too despite being inactive.

20. Anonymous email

Hidemyass is one of the well known VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). You can use their services to hide your Internet identity, and can visit websites which are blocked by your ISP or country.

For the same reason, they also jumped into this online service.

However you need to create a free account to use Anonymous Email. It will just ask for your real email(no verification needed), password and username.

There is just one thing which is great about it, and that thing is our privacy, that means the emails you will receive will be available for you only. No other one can see them until they get your username and password.

21. Emailondeck

LinkedIn EmailOnDeck is just started out in 2016, but in just small period of time they have been recognized by many big brands.

In just 2 simple steps, you can able to create a temp address that you can use with any website on the Internet. They also looks reliable, and they says your messages are secure.

The interface is also good, and their website also has Comodo SSL certificate. So that their site and your browser communication would be encrypted, that means no one can read the communications in between.

22. Spamex

Spamex has been featured on many big websites on the Internet. Including Mashable, PCworld, The New York Times, etc.

However, it’s still very less known, but who cares about its popularity because if it does its work great then we don’t have anything to do with that.

The website uses SSL encryption to protect you and their data from being hacked. However there is a big downside, or I can say biggest. The thing is that Spamex requires sign up to use their service, and their service is paid.

So, I think Spamex is not a good alternative but you can check out their service via their trial, if you like it then you can purchase it.


You might be confused now after seeing this list of YOPmail alternative. Well, if you ask me what to choose, then I would recommend Crazy Mailing as they are very impressive and a very good alternative of YOPmail.

Removed/dead services:

  • Mailexpire
  • Meltmail

So let me know in the comments if this list helped you or not. Also if you know any other alternative then let me know that too. I will try to add that into this list. Keep visiting.

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